Which Cannabis Company Will Generate More Revenue in 2022?

There are many cannabis companies in Canada vying for the top spot. This article will show you which company is expected to generate more revenue by 2022, and why it may have a leg up on its competitors.

The “curaleaf vs trulieve reddit” is a question that many people have been asking. There are two cannabis companies that will generate more revenue in 2022.

Which Cannabis Company Will Generate More Revenue in 2022?



Trulieve is now neck-and-neck with Curaleaf after acquiring Harvest Health.

Curaleaf Holdings (OTC:CURLF) and Trulieve Cannabis are two of the biggest marijuana firms today (OTC:TCNNF). Both are cannabis growers with operations in a number of states around the US, and their most recent quarterly results showed identical income. Trulieve’s recent purchase of Harvest Health, which concluded last year and provided the firm with many additional growth options, has given the company a significant boost.

Below, I’ll examine which industry is most likely to generate additional money in 2022. This might be crucial in choosing which stock provides the best returns to investors.

Both businesses generate more than $316 million in quarterly sales.

Curaleaf announced $317.1 million in third-quarter revenue for the period ending September 30, 2021. This increased by 74 percent year over year, but only by 2 percent quarter over quarter due to “transient headwinds” experienced during the time, according to the business. The firm is on target to earn at least $1.2 billion in sales for the whole year of 2021. That’s almost twice the $627 million it brought in last year. 

Meanwhile, Trulieve reported that its net sales in Q3 (covering the same time period as Curaleaf) totalled $224.1 million, up 64 percent year over year. Trulieve’s total rises to $316 million when Harvest Health’s results are included in, falling just short of Curaleaf’s total. Harvest Health’s sales data will not be formally included in Trulieve’s results until the next quarter, since the deal was only consummated on Oct. 1, 2021, shortly after the period ended.

Curaleaf and Trulieve are expected to have equal revenues in 2022, and guessing which business will win relies on a variety of variables.

Curaleaf’s Argument

Curaleaf has a significant edge over Trulieve in that it is more aggressive in its growth. The firm, which is located in Massachusetts, operates in 23 states around the nation. Bloom Dispensaries, which controls four dispensaries in Arizona, was purchased for $211 million last month. When that sale, as well as a few other pending deals Curaleaf has, complete (which may happen as soon as this month), the company’s total dispensary count will reach 128, with 16 of them in Arizona.

That’s significant because, since Trulieve acquired Harvest Health, which is located in Tempe and has a strong presence in the state, Arizona has been a top market for the company. Trulieve also revealed last month that it had purchased the PurpleMed Healing Center in Tucson, Arizona. Trulieve will now possess the 17th site in the state as a result of this acquisition. There seems to be a conflict brewing between the two organizations.

Curaleaf isn’t the only state where Trulieve is up against Curaleaf. Curaleaf stated on Dec. 21, 2021, that it will launch four additional dispensaries in Florida, Trulieve’s native state. Trulieve has 42 sites in that state, which is less than half of what Trulieve possesses. However, it may cause a dent in its revenues, allowing Curaleaf to exceed. Curaleaf may have a better chance of producing more income this year if Trulieve faces greater competition in its two main markets, Arizona and Florida. 

The Argument for Belief

With 112 dispensaries in Florida alone, Trulieve is the most powerful force in the state. PurpleMed, which it just acquired, will bring its total number of dispensaries to 160. 

Unlike Curaleaf, which has been quickly growing into new states, Trulieve has just lately begun to extend outside of Florida. While Harvest Health has already established a robust income stream, Trulieve is still in its early phases in a number of locations. It has just recently begun its wholesale business in Massachusetts when it published its latest quarterly results on Nov. 15, 2021. Trulieve might see huge growth in 2022 as a result of this top marijuana market (the state’s cannabis-related income is expected to be well over $1 billion in 2021). 

According to the company’s Q3 data, the northeast area (which includes West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland in addition to Massachusetts) has 26 locations. That’s an increase from the 21 sites it has in the southwest (which includes its large presence in Arizona through the Harvest Health acquisition). All of those additional sites outside of Florida have the potential to help Trulieve expand this year and surpass Curaleaf’s top line in 2022.

Curaleaf seems to have a better chance of winning.

Despite the fact that I anticipate both businesses’ top lines to be close this year, I think Curaleaf will come out on top. Curaleaf continues to expand its footprint in Florida and Arizona, and taking market share from Trulieve might be a vital step in ensuring that the Florida-based marijuana producer’s income increases faster than Curaleaf’s. Furthermore, despite the fact that Trulieve has been in numerous areas for some time, there has been little evidence of its performance in markets other than Florida. Despite the fact that it operates in 11 states, it continues to concentrate on Florida. It announced the establishment of four additional sites in December 2021, all of which were in its home state.

With the purchase of Harvest Health, Trulieve’s businesses have become much more varied. Despite this, the organization has remained concentrated on a single state rather than spreading its footprint throughout the nation. If it continues to rely primarily on Florida this year, a territory where Curaleaf is also focusing, it might jeopardize its prospects of being the top marijuana company in 2022.

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