What Is The Best Time Of Day To Get High?

A lot of people under the age of 30 may not have had the opportunity to smoke marijuana in their lifetime. If you are one of those people, it may not be too late to start. If you are a young adult, you should know that you can still have fun with marijuana. There are plenty of ways to have a good time in the great state of Colorado, and one of them is marijuana smoking.

It’s been proven that people who smoke marijuana in the morning are more likely to be affected by cannabis side effects later on in the day. The reason for this is pretty obvious: when you smoke weed, you are inhaling the fumes, which contain THC, a chemical found in the cannabis plant. If you’re a smoker, the higher the levels of THC in your system, the more you’ll be affected by depression, anxiety, depression, apathy, paranoia, and impaired memory, to name but a few.

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Anyone who starts smoking weed and enjoys the invigorating sensations it provides will want to know the best time to get high. Of course, you don’t want to get high at important meetings or around people who are uncomfortable with cannabis. There are different timetables, and we will cover them all, so choose the time that best fits your schedule.


The morning event is often called waking up and eating. When we wake up, our body comes alive, but we also need to fuel it, which is why some people start exercising first thing in the morning. Photo: rawpixel.com word-image-15098 Just as you enjoy your workout in the morning, you can consume weed in the morning to give your day a kick start and arrive at work ready for the day. Taking this herb in the morning is also helpful in case of medical problems that may affect your day. If you went out the night before and are worried about a hangover, you can brighten up your day by smoking weed. However, smoking in the morning is not for everyone. Some people smoke in the morning and can’t handle their day because they couldn’t get high. This makes them unproductive and can be disruptive. But others get through it and end up having the BEST day. APPROPRIATE: What is the best time of day to take CBD? To find out what works for you, you need to experiment. Take cannabis in the morning and observe how your body reacts to it; how has your day gone and how have you processed the day’s events? If you feel energetic, happy and productive afterwards, you can take cannabis and get high in the morning. On the contrary: If you feel exhausted and unproductive, you should stop smoking in the morning.

After work

Many people agree that this is the best time to smoke weed and get high, because you are coming back from an environment where you were most likely under pressure. How can you relieve the pressure on your back? With a good cigarette right after dinner. Cannabis is a healthier alternative to alcohol after a long day; it gives you energy and allows your body to release stress and tension. Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst word-image-15099 For extra fun, invite friends or colleagues who also smoke weed. You can all go to your favorite place (where smoking is allowed) and relax with cannabis. APPROPRIATE: One in four marijuana users gets high while working in legal states As you relax, you will hear lots of laughter, a feeling of joy and contentment that psychologically prepares you for the week ahead.

Before or during a movie

A good time to smoke weed is before watching a movie. Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in your favorite chair, taking off your shoes, getting drunk and watching the characters in action. If you are high and in a euphoric state, you will enjoy the movie even more. Treat yourself to a hearty evening snack while watching : Make it a regular weekend activity and you’ll be ready to win at the start of a new week.

At night and before going to sleep

Another good time to get high is in the evening, when you get home and there are chores to do and you want to relax after a long day. If you want to spend a very relaxing and peaceful evening on your balcony looking up at the sky, a buzz at this time of year is just what you are looking for. APPROPRIATE: Everything you wanted to know about using cannabis to sleep You should also take a high before you go to bed if you have trouble falling asleep. Cannabis contains THC, a powerful sleep aid. When THC is activated by binding to CB1 cannabinoid receptors, it modulates the sleep cycle. Photo by Ivan Oboleninov via Pexels word-image-15100 Cannabis also calms you down until you wake up. Therefore, if you have trouble falling asleep for a long time, it is best to take it right before bedtime.

En route to exit

It’s the perfect time to get high! A good puff will cheer you up before you go out to have fun with your friends, or when you go out to enjoy the scenery. Getting high during this time helps you to show yourself as a fun person, ready to enjoy everything the world around you has to offer. Have you ever been to a party where everyone looked bored? If that’s the case, I think you’ll agree that it can be very repulsive. The solution is simple: Suggest to those who already smoke cannabis that they get high before attending the event. The party will be a lot of fun, everyone will be at their best, ready to dance, socialize and have fun.


People smoke cannabis and get high for different reasons, and in some cases the reason for smoking can determine when you should smoke. In addition to the many highs mentioned above, you should also consider other factors that will prompt you to consume cannabis bread. Photo by Elsa Donald via Unsplash word-image-15101 For example, if you use it to treat eating disorders (cannabis increases appetite), you should smoke it before eating. If you use cannabis to treat sleep disorders, you should smoke before bed to get a good night’s sleep. If you have other medical conditions for which your doctor has recommended cannabis treatment, please specify the times you should smoke to get the desired relief. In general, any time is a good time to smoke weed, depending on the circumstances we described above. The right kind of cannabis can be consumed at any time. If you have a medical condition, you should not smoke marijuana or use other cannabis products without a doctor’s prescription. This article was originally published on Cannabis.net and is reproduced with permission.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about best time to smoke a cigar and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you get higher at night?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Marijuana has a reputation as a night-time drug, but the truth is that it provides a high of a different intensity throughout the day. Unlike alcohol, which you can only get high if you drink it, the cannabinoids in marijuana trigger the same physiological response no matter when you take them. This means, for example, that the experience of getting high doesn’t depend on the time of day.

How long is a t break?

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