Weekly Cannabis Roundup May 28

We’ve been busy this month! We’ve had a fresh batch of new strains, and we’ve been trying out some of our favorite plants from earlier in the year. In this bag, we have: 1. Cannatonic: This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Sour Diesel and Cannatonic, and it’s the result of crossing two of our favorite varieties. The result is a plant that is strong and vigorous, with copious amounts of fluffy, frosty buds with tight clusters. 2. Strawberry Cough: This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Strawberry Cough and Cannatonic, and it’s the result of crossing two of our favorite varieties. The result is a plant that is

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The week of May 22, 2016, was a great one for Cannabis in America. First, a historic Supreme Court decision that instructed police to not interfere with Cannabis users, creating a new legal precedent that will likely lead to a legal Cannabis market in America. Second, in a historic event, the Democratic Party had its first Debate for President. In an incredible moment, after the Cannabis community had been a key force in pushing for legalization, we got a standing ovation from the former Secretary of State.

New York became the last state to ban THC Delta 8, the Mississippi Supreme Court rejected a referendum to legalize medicinal cannabis, and Minnesota legalized the flower for smoking.

Video Transcript:

New York is the latest state to ban products containing THC Delta 8. And Mississippi has cancelled the legalization of medical cannabis. It’s Lo with Veriheal to keep you up to date with the latest cannabis news.

New York bans Delta-8

New York State has banned THC Delta 8, which has caused several CBD facilities to leave the state. Delta 8 is the latest craze in the cannabis industry. You may have seen or heard about it. It’s not really a marijuana product. It is derived from the cannabis plant, which is legal in all 50 states. But because it uses a chemical process called isomerization, it is banned in many states. The states that have banned Delta-8 have done so because, first, THC in all its forms is banned at the federal level. But also because they probably think these cannabinoids are synthetic, like K2 or Spice, because of the way they are processed. Many CBD companies have had great success with Delta-8, but as more and more states begin to ban it, they are being pushed out and customers are left without cannabis. So far, 12 states, including New York, have banned Delta 8.

Mississippi opposes legalization of medical cannabis

Next news, in what looked like a victory for cannabis ended up backfiring. Mississippi has refused to legalize medical cannabis, even though voters approved the measure in November. The state Supreme Court overturned the vote on the grounds that the ballots were not properly cast. word-image-4898 Ken Newburger, executive director of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association, said, The Mississippi Supreme Court has just overturned the will of the people of Mississippi. Now patients will continue to suffer, and that’s what so many people voted for. The court ignored existing case law and prior decisions. Your argument ignores the meaning of the constitution and denies people constitutional rights. This is the same circus going on in South Dakota regarding the adult drug use vote. These states really need to get their act together on the procedure for getting initiatives on the ballot, Otherwise, he will continue to say that they don’t care about their citizens.

Minnesota legalizes smoking medical cannabis

And we saved the good news for last, Minnesota has legalized smoking flowers! Minnesota is known for being tough on cannabis. The medical program only allowed the use of liquid forms of cannabis, such as oils and capsules. But thankfully, lawmakers have expanded the program to allow the sale of smoke flowers to patients over the age of 21. The new legislation also allows for roadside admissions and increases the number of patients anyone can serve from one to six. This is great news for Minnesota residents for whom cannabis is a livelihood, as it will significantly lower costs and provide better access. So like this video and follow us on Veriheal for the latest cannabis news. Thanks for watching! word-image-13374 Lo is a millennial mother trying to live life to the fullest. Her interests include travel, design, food and promoting responsible cannabis use.

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