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The main differences between marijuana and hashish are the active ingredients and the forms in which they are delivered. Marijuana, a mixture of dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, contains a variety of cannabinoids, primarily delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hashish is a mixture of dried resin glands from the hashish plant. Both are used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The main difference between them is that marijuana is smoked, but hashish is sprinkled.

As the Summer draws to a close, we find ourselves in the middle of the most active season for cannabis farmers and processors. While the heat might make it feel like summer has come to an end, it has only been a week and the harvest is still not finished. The outdoor harvest season is fast approaching, which means that the indoor harvest season will begin in the next few weeks. We can expect to see a let-up in crop yields until the outdoor harvest is complete, followed by a steady increase in output as the outdoor harvest is brought in.

This week’s ‘Cannabis Roundup’ highlights a few articles and news stories that caught our eye.. Read more about what is veriheal and let us know what you think.

This autumn, Community College of Denver will offer an associate’s degree in cannabis business. A tribal nation in North Carolina may provide loopholes for non-members to get medicinal cannabis, according to the High Times Cannabis Cup, which is holding its first-ever Massachusetts competition.

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This autumn, Colorado will launch its first-ever cannabis business program. 

In addition, a North Carolina tribal nation may provide loopholes for non-tribal people seeking medicinal marijuana.

This am Lo from Veriheal, and I’ll keep you up to speed on the newest cannabis news.

Can a non-member become a patient if medicinal cannabis is allowed in a tribal country inside a state where cannabis is illegal? 

Technically, the answer is YES.

These tribal nations are recognized as separate sovereignties by the Constitution, with the same rights to control their internal affairs as the federal and state governments. 

And, as long as tribal governments allow non-member applications for medical marijuana cards, one might theoretically become a medical patient with the ability to make medicinal purchases on tribal territory. 

For additional information, see our blog.

In North Carolina, for example, while cannabis is still illegal, the Cherokee tribe under the western portion of the state has authorized medicinal cannabis in their jurisdiction.

Non-tribal members may buy medicinal marijuana, according to a government liaison between the state and tribal nation, as long as they were authorized for a medical card by the tribe Cannabis Control Board. 

A medical marijuana card from another state or tribal country where medicinal marijuana is allowed would also be accepted by the Control Board. 

However, individuals who buy tribal property and then leave will be subject to state legislation. As a result, please think about all of the possible legal ramifications. 

Massachusetts will host the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The next item on the agenda is 

You may have heard of the High Times Cannabis Cup if you’re a cannabis user. If not, allow me to provide you with some background information.

It’s a long-running international competition in which judges and industry experts choose the highest-quality cannabis products from growers and manufacturers all around the globe. 


Winning a Cannabis Cup Award is a significant award.

For the first time, the tournament will be conducted in Massachusetts this year. 

The Massachusetts People’s Choice Edition will be accessible to the public and will include the competition’s biggest panel of judges in its history. 

If you want to be a judge, go to the cannabis cup website and fill out the form.

Judge kits will be available later this month in a number of dispensaries throughout the state, and those who get them will be evaluating a broad range of Massachusetts-grown goods in order to help crown the finest of the Spirit of America.

Good luck, and may the greatest goods win! 

The Community College of Denver has started offering an associate’s degree in cannabis business.

Last but not least, 

This autumn, Community College of Denver will offer an associate’s degree in cannabis business!

In Colorado, where cannabis is becoming a significant business, there is a tremendous need for properly educated and certified people. 

“This unique, creative curriculum will enable students to think critically about cannabis laws, cultivating, distributing/selling, and the social effect of the industry,” according to the school’s website.

This curriculum will certainly assist students in navigating a sector that is currently confronted with many legal and social issues.

Students will learn about cannabis legislation, botany, cultivation, business management, and public health as part of the curriculum. 

All of those are necessary for cannabis business success. 

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Lo is a millennial parent who is striving to make the most of her life. She’s passionate about travel, design, cuisine, and advocating for safe cannabis use.

Weekly Cannabis Roundup August 13 A week has gone by and we have some new info for everyone’s weekly Cannabis Roundup. Now it’s time for some news and fun facts about Cannabis.. Read more about veriheal ohio and let us know what you think.

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