These Drivers Test Positive For Marijuana More Than Any Other Substance

News, on the other hand, breaks down into pretty simple categories: the good, the bad, and the boring. And while it’s true that some weed-smoking stoners will end up in jail, getting busted for pot is nowhere near as common as getting popped for other types of drugs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently released some astonishing statistics about the amount of marijuana that is being detected in the system of drivers. The NHTSA reveals that the amount of marijuana in the system of drivers is significantly higher than the amount of cocaine, opiates, and other drugs. As reported by the Associated Press, the NHTSA stated that: “You could smoke a joint and drive, but if you smoke a joint and take Xanax, it’ll stay in your system a lot longer.”

Marijuana Legalization is a hot topic across the nation, and now one of the most popular types of marijuana is being found in more drivers’ blood than any other substance. In a recent report from the CDC, the proportion of drivers who test positive for marijuana after being involved in a car accident was higher than any other drug tested. This isn’t the first time that marijuana has been linked to car accidents, and it’s certainly not the first time that the drug has been tested in drivers’ blood. The CDC looked at 81,000 drivers across the country in 2013, and found that drivers who had been involved in a “misdemeanor offense of driving under the influence of marijuana” were much more likely to have tested positive for marijuana than drivers

Is high-speed driving becoming a problem that society must address? On this topic, there is a lot of conflicting information.

According to a recent study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial truckers are testing positive for marijuana more than any other substance these days (FMCSA).

As areas of the United States have gone legal, it’s a problem that many transportation businesses and courier services must deal with. For commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders, however, federal limitations make testing positive for marijuana a huge no-no. As a result, if a motorist fails a drug test, they may face a slew of consequences.

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Last November, participants at the Federal Forum Plus online conference of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) were given data revealing that marijuana is the number one material to search for when drug testing truckers. According to the statistics, narcotics accounted for 98 percent of all positive drug tests in the first half of 2020, not alcohol, which is a fully legal substance. Only 892 CDL holders failed due to intoxication. Meanwhile, more than half of the 40,433 tests (52%) came back positive for marijuana.

If a CDL holder fails a drug test required by the Department of Transportation (DOT), they may face serious consequences. Before being permitted to drive again, they may be required to complete a drug and alcohol program and pass a Return to Duty exam that includes a drug check. Following that, the driver may be subjected to at least six random drug tests and may be required to attend more drug courses and jump through extra hoops for the following five years in order to continue working.

A CDL holder, fortunately, is not at danger of losing their license due to a failed drug test – at least not the first one. Repeat violations, on the other hand, may result in the driver’s driving privileges being removed. Yes, it includes commercial drivers in places where marijuana is legal. FMCSA isn’t changing its anti-drug policies because the herb is still illegal at the federal level.

It can’t.

“The basic line for CDL holders is that you can’t consume marijuana, even if certain jurisdictions allow it for recreational use,” said Larry Minor, associate administrator for policy at the FMCSA.

These Drivers Test Positive For Marijuana More Than Any Other Substance

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It should be noted that there is unlikely to be an influx of truck drivers out on the road. During the pre-employment process, almost half of the failed drug tests were discovered. In order to be considered for a job, a candidate must pee in a cup. Another 13,340 were drug tests conducted at random. Following an accident, about 1,700 failed drug testing were detected, with a few hundred more identified during return to duty tests. There were also harder illicit substances discovered.

Is high-speed driving, however, becoming a problem that society must address? On this topic, there is a lot of conflicting information.

According to several research, there hasn’t been an increase in stoned driving since states legalized marijuana. However, most of that study was conducted when states first started experimenting with legal marijuana. Other studies have since shown that high-speed driving has grown common in certain areas of the nation.

The issue is that there isn’t a gadget that can detect marijuana intoxication. Some of the increases may be due to individuals who weren’t stoned at the time of the traffic stop or accident. To properly monitor marijuana intoxication on American roads, scientists must first create a realistic instrument for law enforcement to utilize (such as a breathalyzer).

CDL holders, on the other hand, will have to wait for the federal government to amend the legislation before they can get a discount.

The article below is a brief look at a recent post from the Department of Transportation, which states that drivers are more likely to test positive for marijuana than any other illegal substance.. Read more about driver’s license and let us know what you think.

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