The Psychedelic Side of Weed: THC-O-Acetate, And Military Testing

The cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years by religious cultures to relieve conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia – without adverse effects. Today, the plant has been legalized for recreational use in some parts of the US, Canada, and Europe, yet at the same time, it is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug – the same classification as heroin.

In the late 1940’s, the US military began testing a new drug known as LSD-25. The military thought this drug would be a great tool for the troops to use during times of war. The testing of LSD-25 was conducted on over 12,000 troops, ranging from all ranks, and all branches of the military. This year, the government finally released information on what happened to the men who were part of the testing that took place during the 1940’s. What many people don’t know is that the LSD-25 that was given to the troops was nothing more than pure THC-O-Acetate.

Almost every day we hear about a new component or invention of the cannabis plant. One of the most interesting pieces of news in recent years? THC-O-acetate. Here we will explore what this psychedelic compound is, how THC-O-acetate was discovered, and its abuse by the military.

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What is THC-O-acetate?

THC-O-acetate is the delta-9-acetate ester of THC.  Let’s get to the bottom of this. So, for starters, we have a standard Delta 9 THC. It is the main psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant and is formed naturally by the decarboxylation of the parent compound, THCA. We also know of several other versions of this link. We know that if you move the double bond to delta-9, you get a stereoisomer like delta-8, or delta-10, or delta-7 THC. We know that when you eat it, it gets metabolized into something else, 11-hydroxy-THC. We even know that CBD is a direct isomer of delta-9, which has the exact same chemical formula, but with a different atomic configuration.

So what does the presence of an acetate ester mean? We now move to a higher level of chemistry that may be difficult to understand, but deserves a brief discussion. For a better understanding, stakeholders may wish to conduct additional research. Basically, the acetic acid ester is the product of a decarboxylation called LTA decarboxylation. We know that decarboxylation means the loss of a carboxylic group, but it can happen in different ways.

In the case of cannabis, we are most familiar with thermal/temporal decarboxylation, but there are other processes where decarboxylation occurs with chemicals. One is the decarboxylation of LTA, using lead tetraacetate (highly toxic), a compound that promotes oxidation. One of the by-products is acetate ester. This acetate ester does not exist in nature and must be synthesized by chemical processing of delta-9, which is THC. THC-O-acetate is a synthetic analog of delta-9.

It is claimed that this compound is 2 to 3 times more potent than standard Delta-9 and that THC-O-acetate has a psychedelic effect that differs from that of other known cannabinoids. Furthermore, unlike standard Delta-9, the effects of THC-O-Acetate can last for about 30 minutes. So where does this connection come from, and why do we know about it? Well, it’s certainly a confusing story!

Edgewood Arsenal – Human Experimentation and the U.S. Military

Like many other compounds we only know about now, such as delta-8 and delta-10, THC-O-acetate was discovered several decades ago, between 1949 and 1974. In 1974, Dr. Gold published the above synthesis instructions in which he named the compound THC-O-acetate. If it seems that the period 1949-1974 is rather long and not very precise, there is a reason for that.

As already mentioned, it is not a natural compound, and compounds not found in nature need to be discovered. The exact date is difficult to determine, probably because this compound was used by the US Army from 1949 to 1975 in the so-called Edgewood Arsenal experiments. Since the US military usually commits its human rights abuses under the cover of night, it is not surprising that it is difficult to say exactly when this happened.

What was this amazing research, so mysterious that to this day almost no one knows? Human experiments were conducted from 1948 to 1975 at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. The tests were conducted by the US Army’s chemical corps, with the express purpose of studying how low doses of war substances can affect military personnel, as well as testing protective clothing, vaccines and other drugs.

Some of this research involved psychochemical warfare, which was studied under the voluntary medical research program, which ran from 1956 to 1975. The psychedelic THC-O-acetate has been considered as a possible non-lethal method of immobilization and compared to drugs such as LSD and benzodiazepines. In total, Edgewood’s experiments involved about 8,000 people (military and non-military) over three decades, with no follow-up to assess harm in participants, even when they showed symptoms of exposure to the agents.

If all this sounds terribly dubious and horrible to you, it is. So much so that in 1975 the experiments were abruptly stopped and all subjects were removed from the centre. The physician who set up and administered the program, Dr. Van Murray Sim, has been called before Congress and criticized by lawmakers, in part for failing to follow up with program participants. The military conducted an investigation and found no harm, but since the military conducted the experiments, it is as reasonable to expect the same organization that violated human rights to conduct a fair investigation as it is to expect a pharmaceutical company to paint its own test results as facts.

The reality that has come to light over time is that soldiers were not given the choice of whether or not to participate in these experiments, but were forced to do so by the threat of imprisonment or Vietnam. And the idea that no one was hurt is ridiculous, given what exactly was tested: Tear gas, sarin gas and deadly BZ. The soldiers’ stories don’t match up at all with the army’s, no one was hurt. All of this research shows the horror and severity of the abuses by the US military and the complicity of the US government.

What’s wrong with psychedelic THC-O-acetate?

The strangest thing about THC-O-acetate and its original manufacture is that no information about it seems to exist. Neither how it was found, nor the reasons for its synthesis, nor what it does at all. What the military learned was never shared with the rest of us. While we spend a lot of time not knowing anything about this compound and what exactly it does, the military already knows and just doesn’t release the information.

Interesting article on THC-O-acetate…. In fact, it has been used recreationally for some time and is one of the only THC analogues used recreationally in smokeable form. What am I thinking? He was probably released by the military during tests to be sold to the public or to see what would happen to him. The military even seems to have conducted two experiments with this compound, one indoors and one outdoors. This is, of course, just my opinion.

As time goes on and organizations other than the military investigate this connection, more can be said. Currently, the information available to the public is limited at best, and the best evidence for any safety is that this drug has been used recreationally for years without horror stories being told. Although it’s possible that if there was a big negative story, it would have been suppressed by the military.

No, and it’s not debatable, although I certainly can’t make such a statement for everyone, and in fact it could probably be challenged in court to some extent. But in fact, it is not legal, and the reason is very simple and not unfounded. THC-O-acetate is a synthetic analog of delta-9 THC. All analogs of banned substances are automatically illegal under the federal analog law. It’s also synthetic, which means wherever it comes from, it’s illegal.

As I said, that doesn’t mean that someone can’t go to court, but unlike delta-8 TGC, where there is some reasonableness, in the case of TGC-O-acetate, there is unfortunately none. Does this mean there will be no THC-O-acetate industry? Not at all, and it seems that not only has it been around for a long time, but that it is growing as the public learns of its existence. In fact, it seems that THC-O-acetate, like Delta-8-THC, will further strengthen the black market for cannabis.

Why did I say the illegality was not unfounded? It is very easy to think that anything that comes from a plant like cannabis must be normal, but synthetic substances do not come directly from the plant and do not exist as such in nature, and we do not know why. It is possible that compounds such as delta-10 and THC-O-acetate in these configurations were not produced by the plant for no particular reason. But it may also be that if we do not see something manifest in nature, there is a reason for that.

Specific formulations may even be toxic, cause nerve damage, trigger heart attacks or lead to sudden death. Maybe they don’t exist in nature because nature doesn’t support their existence. And without testing, we don’t know. While it is safer to rely on synthetic compounds that actually exist, it is highly questionable to assume that anything considered synthetic and made from a plant offers the same level of safety. Therefore, interested buyers should do their best to ensure their own safety by knowing the details of the treatment, the chemicals used and the place/store they are buying from.


Not much can be said about THC-O-acetate, because almost nothing is known about it. Sure, the military already knows a lot, but that doesn’t help the rest of us. In a way, it’s great that psychedelic effects can be obtained from a delta-9 analog like THC-O-acetate, but THC-O-acetate also represents the horror of the government and military showing how far these entities are willing to go to achieve their goals – regardless of the threat to society and the general secrecy that applies even to ordinary research subjects.

It may be a promising designer drug, but like all designer drugs, it won’t be legalized anytime soon. If THC-O-acetate has a real future, it will most likely be as a pharmaceutical product.

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