The Best Countries For Cannabis Tourism in 2021 and 2022

Cannabis tourism will be a booming industry in the coming years. As more countries legalize cannabis for recreational and medical use, tourists from all over the world will be flocking to these countries. Here are the top five countries expected to see growth in their cannabis tourism industries.

The best stoner cities in the world is a term that refers to places where cannabis is legal. Cannabis tourism often includes visiting these locations, as well as purchasing cannabis products from local dispensaries.



Many enthusiastic pothead travelers will want to discover the finest nations for cannabis tourism in 2021 and 2022 as vaccine rollouts grow more effective and travel restrictions relax. Many potheads are acquainted with the particular sort of satisfaction that comes from lighting up in the safety of your own home, but after two years of lockdown and on-and-off quarantines, even the most introverted among us may be yearning for a change of scenery.



What is cannabis tourism, and how does it work?

Cannabis tourism is not just visiting 420-friendly nations where you may smoke freely, but also learning about various cannabis cultures across the globe. These distinctions offer insight into and enhance one’s personal cannabis experience. Indeed, the ideal pothead tourist is someone who is both inquisitive and adventurous, as well as intrigued by the many ways in which cannabis has impacted the globe.

Of course, there are many nations throughout the globe that have a vibrant cannabis culture to offer. India, for example, is well-known for giving the word ganja to one of its holiest locations, the river Ganges. However, due to the peculiar travel environment of 2021, some places are off-limits. Choosing where to go at these periods will be more difficult than normal, requiring extensive planning.

Here are the top cannabis tourist destinations to visit in 2021 and 2022:


Canada is regarded as one of the world’s leading cannabis producers. Stores and cafés in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal have played critical roles in the battle for cannabis legalization in Canada. God Bud, Timewarp, and Island Sweet Skunk are just a few of the famous Canadian cannabis cultivars that originated in British Columbia. There are also tour firms that arrange cannabis-themed trips in several major cities, allowing you to see lounges, historic locations, and natural beauty while high on Canada’s finest.

  • What you should do is:
    • Check out the following conferences and expos scheduled for 2021 and 2022: Hempfest, Lift & Co. Expo, and the Vancouver Island Cannabis Expo are three of the most well-known cannabis events in the world.
    • Participate in the country’s colorful 420 festivities, which you can read about here.
    • Bring some food with you on your camping excursion to one of Canada’s unrivaled natural wonders.
    • With a little assistance from Mary Jane, conquer the thrills of Canada’s Wonderland.
    • Relax in a trendy cannabis lounge in the city.
  • Is it legal: Cannabis usage for recreational purposes is allowed in Canada. Learn about the rules in each province by clicking here.
  • Considerations for pandemic travel: As of this writing, Canada is welcoming fully vaccinated foreign visitors, as well as domestic travel for citizens and residents. Here you may learn about travel and health documents, as well as eligibility and limitations.


Mexico has long been a popular tourist destination, particularly among Canadians. Cannabis tourism is expected to increase as a result of recent changes in laws around recreational cannabis usage. Cannabis excursions may become the new wine tours, according to enterprising locals who are already talking about establishing “marijuana villages.” Mezcal made with cannabis is already a famous tourist gift and must-try delicacy. In reality, Mexico’s regulations on recreational drug usage are notoriously ambiguous. Even now, it is simple to join different tours for peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and other psychedelics. Given that these plants are produced locally and many people have significant cultural and economic connections to them, it’s no wonder that this is the case. If you ask some friendly locals about your preferred drug, they will lead you in the proper way.

  • What you should do is:
    • Turn on the lights and go to one of Mexico City’s numerous museums and art galleries.
    • Try mezcal with cannabis infusions.
    • Mix in some pulque, a typical Aztec alcoholic drink.
    • Relax on one of Mexico’s many beautiful beaches while smoking a joint.
    • When the cravings strike, indulge in some delicious al pastor tacos.
    • Hike through the misty, lush hills of San Jose del Pacifico while high, and maybe sneak in a mushroom excursion in this charming town where our wonderful fungus buddies are lawfully sold and eaten.
  • Is it permissible: Cannabis has been decriminalized in Mexico for recreational and personal use. The rules governing commercialization, on the other hand, are still unclear.
  • Pandemic travel considerations: There are no pandemic-related testing, immunization, or quarantine regulations for tourism in Mexico as of this article. 


As the globe realizes the futility and folly of the War on Drugs, even Asia Pacific, which has a reputation for being harsh on drug offenses, has begun to modify its position on cannabis. Countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand are trying to change their cannabis laws, which will help the local economy, public health, and tourism. Thailand, the first Southeast Asian nation to allow medicinal cannabis, is already easing restrictions, according to reports. However, since the epidemic has closed most of Asia Pacific to tourists, Thailand has only allowed select areas to fully vaccinated visitors, like as Phuket and Koh Samui. This will not be an issue for mellower potheads who enjoy leisurely vacations, island vibes, and relaxing on the beach. Other cities, such as Bangkok, may follow suit in the near future.

  • What you should do is:
    • Learn about Thailand’s legal medicinal marijuana sector, which is quickly becoming a model for its neighbors.
    • At a full moon party, get lit.
    • Check out Thailand’s cannabis conferences and expos, which are the region’s only ones.
    • If you’re feeling brave, look for Thailand’s most famous cannabis product, the Thai Stick.
  • Is it legal? In Thailand, only medicinal marijuana is allowed. The penalties for recreational use and possession may be severe, and the dangers are often considerable. Do your homework and make friends with the locals.
  • Considerations for Pandemic Travel: As of the publication of this article, tourism to Thailand is still done in “bubbles,” with only fully-vaccinated visitors permitted. 

Typical Suspects

Any seasoned marijuana user will already be familiar with a few tried-and-true cannabis tourist destinations. The following popular tourist sites are still accessible to visitors who satisfy Covid’s travel requirements:

  • The Netherlands is a country in Europe.
  • Jamaica
  • The United States of America
  • Portugal
  • Spain

Stay safe and well-toked when hanging out with Portland’s hippies, getting spiritual with Rastafarians in Negril, or donning your cannabis connoisseur hat in an Amsterdam café.

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