Suspected drug dealer throws wads of weed out window right in front of police

A cannabis dealer in Florida was arrested after police found the man throwing wads of marijuana out his window. When asked why he was doing this, the suspect said “Because I’m a criminal.” Experts believe that these types of cases will become more and more common as legalization progresses.

Suspected drug dealer throws wads of weed out window right in front of police



Officers in the United Kingdom who are standing on the street below have no trouble recognizing earthbound cannabis and collecting it.

When a guy in the United Kingdom apparently threw a huge quantity of illicit cannabis out the window of his apartment, patient police officers and curious passersby observed the inept evasion effort from below, the phrase “make it rain” took on a whole new meaning.

Officers were closing up on the suspected dealer’s house when he reportedly decided it was time to get rid of the evidence on Monday morning, according to the Birmingham Mail. Unfortunately, he was not subtle, and the failed effort was observed by a large number of people.

Part of the enormous concert was captured on video, which Birmz is Grime shared with the world on Twitter. The 45-second video shows two cops on the street with a large amount of dried flower at their feet about halfway through the procedure. On the ledge below the open window, there is also a heaping mound of cannabis.

The window is situated above a business named Swag Emporium, which has a tag line that may begin with “High Fashion,” however the blurry footage does not show the whole sign. Four police are seen on the street later in the footage as two cops try to grab the falling bud.

As the video shows two cops, one gloved and the other with a broom, placing the pot into a transparent bag, the individual presumably shooting the video says of the apartment tenant, “He tossed a package right out of the window.”

Taking, carrying, manufacturing, selling, dealing, or exchanging narcotics, including cannabis, is prohibited in the United Kingdom, according to the authorities. Possession of a Class B substance like cannabis may result in a five-year jail term, while providing or manufacturing it can result in a maximum 14-year sentence. The courts in the United Kingdom may impose unlimited fines, or both jail term and these punishments.

The quantity of cannabis thrown is not stated in the video, but the Birmingham Mail says that it was worth hundreds of pounds.

Following the execution of an intelligence-led warrant, a 34-year-old male was detained on suspicion of possession with the purpose to provide cannabis, according to the outlet. Police allegedly discovered a crossbow, three fake firearms, £6,000 ($10,200) in cash, 20 kilos of cannabis, 24 marijuana plants, and a substantial quantity of suspected cannabis oil inside the property.

“You’re being videotaped doing it, so this is worthless,” a plain-clothes cop is said to have told the suspect, according to Yahoo! News.

When it came to the accused’s escape strategy, many who commented on the video post were less than kind. “They’d never capture them if they [were] brilliant.”

“Imagine having a drug den over a business advertising about fine fashion, haha,” one person writes on Yahoo! News.

It’s not the first time a weed toss has gone horribly wrong in the United Kingdom. A 41-year-old guy from Merseyside did his hardest to throw roughly five-dozen cannabis plants from his balcony before police came at his door in the autumn of 2020. Regrettably for him, the plants once again landed below the balcony and were quickly seized by police.

Many throws from automobiles have also occurred on both sides of the water, particularly near Grimsby in the United Kingdom. Following a search in which investigators discovered cannabis plants with a street worth of £61,000, another guy chose to leap from a window in an attempt to elude police this summer.



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