stupidDOPE launches cannabis + CBD industry focused big data & content distribution agency

This is the first story of a brand new industry that has been quietly emerging. This article explores how this new market is being differentiated from others, and why more people are choosing to enter it now than ever before.

The “stupidDOPE launches cannabis + CBD industry focused big data & content distribution agency” is a new company that has launched with the intent of disrupting the cannabis and CBD industry. The company will be focused on big data, analytics, and content distribution. Read more in detail here: is hemp and cbd the same.

stupidDOPE launches cannabis + CBD industry focused big data & content distribution agency



StupidDOPE LLC (or “stupidDOPE”) has launched an in-house brand marketing, content distribution, and big data advertising firm for the Cannabis and CBD industries. The lifestyle brand will help marketers intelligently target and connect in-market Cannabis and CBD buyers by focusing on big data and content distribution partnerships within the cannabis sector.

Since 2008, stupidDOPE has been providing social media, photo and video, press travels, media buys, influencer marketing, and experiential event tactics. Its digital marketing initiatives are driven by a proprietary algorithm that provides tailored content on behalf of more than 200 million mobile users in the United States. stupidDOPE’s extensive expertise in the Cannabis and CBD industries gives them a unique perspective on how to engage customers while adhering to recognized corporate and regulatory compliance requirements.

“In reaction to the difficult legal market in the United States, major advertising channels like as Google and Facebook continue to shut down digital Cannabis and CBD ads,” stated LeVar Thomas, co-founder of stupidDOPE.

“At stupidDOPE, we’re working to solve this problem for Cannabis, CBD companies, and merchants that need to reach new consumers but don’t have access to the most popular digital marketing platforms.”

Founded in 2008, stupidDOPE brings together a massive audience and top tiered content distribution partnerships with its lifestyle destination, sharing the latest in video, music, travel, culture, fashion, art and more. The company has worked with Fortune 100 companies and global brands, including AT&T, Harley-Davidson, Sony Entertainment Network, Frito-Lay, Topgolf USA, State Farm, M&M’s Racing, Nissan and many more. A Google, Bing, and Apple News publisher, stupidDOPE delivers timely content on trending topics, infused with unique advertising opportunities and custom created content.

“We’ve perfected storytelling that moves the needle with over a decade of expertise in digital publishing, working with some of the world’s most innovative companies,” Thomas added.

“StupidDOPE’s seasoned staff is leveraging some of the world’s most sophisticated digital marketing and big data tools, and we can’t wait to put it to work for more rising CBD and Cannabis firms.”

The cannabis sector is one of the fastest growing in the world, with legal sales reaching $24 billion and an estimated $160 billion in economic effect in the United States by 2025. The industry is one of the fastest expanding employment and tax revenue industries in the United States. According to Dutchie’s latest customer research, the typical consumer in the United States and Canada is female, well educated, and health aware. 

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