Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Are Successful, Motivated, Health-Conscious: Snoop Dogg Weighs In

A recent study published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors showed that marijuana users are more productive than their non-smoking counterparts, and they’re also less likely to have anxiety or depression.

According to a new study from the University of New Mexico, people who smoke marijuana are more likely to be successful, motivated, and healthy than their non-smoking counterparts. Researchers found that marijuana smokers were the most likely to be employed, married, and have more in their savings accounts and retirement funds. In other words, these people are more likely to be motivated, healthy, and successful.

Long-held negative preconceptions about cannabis users have led to a decades-long stigma that continues to this day, even as legalization expands across the globe, spawning one of the fastest-growing businesses in history.

However, new research released today, which was shared exclusively with Forbes ahead of its formal publication, seeks to permanently eliminate these damaging preconceptions. 

Dutchie, a cannabis technology firm, has performed a survey of 5,000 adult cannabis users from the United States and Canada in order to get a better knowledge of the contemporary cannabis user. Contrary to the old “Dazed and Confused” portrayal, the research showed that today’s cannabis users are prosperous, driven, and health-conscious individuals. 

“I use marijuana and am a personal supporter for it, but I’m also an investor and business. When asked about the findings, Snoop Dogg, co-founder of Casa Verde Capital, an investor in dutchie, said, “The potential in cannabis is obvious, and this research shows that customers are extremely informed, with more purchasing power than these clichés would have you think.”

According to the research, cannabis users are more educated than the typical American, with 54 percent having a college diploma or above. They are also more likely to work than the average American.

According to Ross Lipson, co-founder and CEO of dutchie, cannabis users are not simply stoners: they are high-achieving physicians, attorneys, moms, teachers, creatives, Olympic athletes, and Olympic commentators.

“It’s past time to clear the air once and for all. Cannabis’ negative stigmas, not to mention overcriminalization, must be a thing of the past…. People use cannabis to unwind and as an important part of their health and wellness routines, and we should encourage them to share the advantages it provides.”

Cannabis users are mostly female, particularly as discussions about women’s health extend to include the use of cannabis for things like menstruation pain reduction, sleep aid, and stress release.

Cannabis Consumers

An Active Way of Life


According to the study, the stereotype of cannabis users as inactive slackers is just untrue.

58 percent of those polled said they were physically active and liked hiking and sports. Furthermore, 57 percent said they were concerned about their health.

In general, these individuals believe cannabis is healthier than alcohol or cigarettes, and many use it as part of their entire health regimen.

What is the preferred method of delivery for today’s cannabis consumer?

Legally, as well as via a secure, transparent, and easy-to-use purchasing experience.

For that experience, 55 percent of respondents go to dispensaries, while 24 percent prefer to buy online. Touchscreens and trustworthy budtenders have replaced the back-alley transaction.


Lipson says, “Consumers want to purchase cannabis lawfully and conveniently.” “At dutchie, we’re developing best-in-class technology to enable our dispensary partners to make cannabis accessible to everyone while also educating people about the benefits of cannabis.”

Overall, the study indicates that cannabis users are a varied population of educated and industrious members of society.

Please, no more “Pineapple Express” depictions, warn the researchers.

Friends, parents, grandparents, stress relievers, medical users, and everything in between are all cannabis users. As legalization expands across the globe, the data provides a more complete image of the contemporary consumer, one that should help normalize cannabis usage in the mainstream. 

More Information About Dutchie

dutchie just received $200 million in a Series C financing round with a $1.7 billion value. Tiger Global led the round, with Dragoneer, DFJ Growth, Howard Schultz, and Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital joining in.

The company, which processes 60% of all legal cannabis sales worldwide, also acquired Greenbits and LeafLogix to further bolster its point-of-sale and ERP solutions and is committed to spending over a $100 million in R&D in the coming years to build innovate products that will power dispensaries while promoting safe and easy access to cannabis.

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