School Board Fires A Florida Teacher for Medical Cannabis But Allows it For Students

A Florida teacher has been fired for using cannabis to treat his Crohn’s disease—even though his school board allows medical marijuana for students.

While the teacher in question was fired for possession of medical cannabis, the school district has a policy that it will allow medical cannabis in some form for students that need it. Although medical cannabis is listed in Florida’s Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, there are no clear guidelines for how a school district can allow medical cannabis on its grounds.

A school board in Florida has fired a special education teacher in South Florida for allowing medical cannabis to be used on school grounds. The teacher, identified as Kevin Thompson, was arrested in August after police found about two pounds of medical marijuana in his possession. The school district said it was Thompson’s marijuana use that led to his termination, but some students said he was using the drug to treat autism and chronic pain.

Legalization of marijuana has expanded throughout the United States. Many states have legalized medicinal marijuana, while a few have legalized recreational marijuana. It’s easy to get irritated by anti-cannabis campaigners’ and supporters’ harsh viewpoints. After all, a lot of what they say is based on incorrect information. Because of the United States Federal Government’s Reefer Madness campaign, this knowledge has been ingrained in the public’s consciousness for decades. During the Reefer Madness period, people were indoctrinated into thinking that cannabis was a dangerous substance. It’s still difficult to overcome the prejudices and bad connotations associated with this misinformed campaign today. The federal government has been feeding the American people falsehoods about cannabis since 1937. Cannabis does not harm individuals; policing cannabis users does. There have been presidents who have smoked marijuana. Several of them, in fact. Nonetheless, as a nation, we continue to elect fossils to positions of power who do not support equal rights for all Americans. Let’s look at how this attitude threw a Florida teacher’s life into disarray when she was dismissed for smoking medicinal marijuana.

Is cannabis legal, or isn’t it? How can something be legal yet people’s lives be ruined as a result of it while adhering to the legal ramifications in their respective jurisdictions? This is a suffering that a Florida teacher, like many others around the nation, is all too familiar with. Because of medicinal cannabis, a Florida high school teacher has been dismissed from their profession of teaching and inspiring our children. The destiny of Space Coast Junior-Senior High School teacher Allison Enright was decided during a meeting of the Brevard County School Board. Allison was fired by the school board because of her usage of medicinal marijuana, and the school board cited this educator’s dismissal by stating,

“In order to obtain some federal funds, the school system must be a drug-free workplace.”

Okay, we’ve heard banks say this before, so it seems fair, right? Personally, I do not believe this is the case. In the state of Florida, medical cannabis is legal. With Florida, like in the rest of the country, the federal government still considers it a schedule one drug. Allison was taking THC pills as part of her medicinal cannabis regimen. She had switched from painkillers to cannabis. The school board expresses sorrow for the educator’s dismissal. That is not how I see things.


However, there is an unjust double standard.

Brevard County School District approved a policy allowing students to use medicinal cannabis in 2019. There was no mention of employees in this policy. How can the school board allow kids to access medicinal cannabis but not employees if it claims it must remain a drug-free campus in order to earn federal grants?

How many more lives will we allow politics to obliterate in the United States? When will we, as a nation, decide that we’ve had enough of politicians with personal agendas? This isn’t how we have to live. We enable it to take place. The people’s will is meant to be represented by the politicians we elect, not private agendas. The dismissal of this educator is a smack in the face to the American people, demonstrating that they do not enjoy the liberties they believe they have. A person with a medical cannabis card should not have to worry about losing their employment or livelihood because they refuse to use lethal, hazardous, and addictive opioid or prescription medicine.

Take a look at the CDC’s frightening statistics on overdose deaths:

  • Synthetic opioids were implicated in 72.9 percent of opioid-related overdose fatalities.
  • In 2019, opioids were responsible for 49,860 overdose fatalities (70.6 percent of all drug overdose deaths).
  • Drug overdose fatalities involving psychostimulants like methamphetamine are on the rise, both with and without the use of synthetic opioids.
  • The West saw the largest increase in synthetic opioid-related death rates from 2018 to 2019. (67.9 percent ).
  • The Northeast had the greatest rise in psychostimulant-related mortality rates (43.8 percent ).

On this issue, the school board is taking an uninformed stance. Our country has been ravaged by opioid addiction. COVID-19 may have calmed the media’s attention on opioid addiction, but the problem remains. Prescription drugs have been given out like candy by doctors throughout the country in exchange for bribes from pharmaceutical firms.

It’s ridiculous to fire a teacher for using medicinal cannabis while also possessing a medical cannabis certificate. It’s similar to saying, “Return to taking your medications as directed.” We, the people of America, deserve more than this. Let’s get together to reclaim this Florida teacher’s job. Brevard Public Schools has an ethical hotline that anyone may call. Send them a message expressing your displeasure with their choice to dismiss Allison Enright. Teachers should have access to medicinal cannabis if their pupils do. If they want to claim that it’s a workplace, they should remember that it’s also a place where kids go to work on their education. Cannabis has no effect on an individual’s capacity to teach or receive an education. Prohibition is draconian.


Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur, and activist who is working to abolish prohibition across the world for a brighter future for everyone. Ashley is passionate about spreading knowledge about the goddess plant known as cannabis. She thinks that a single seed can tilt the scales, and that by working together to remove the stigma around cannabis, we can help it reach its full potential worldwide.

On Wednesday, March 13, Brevard County, Florida Superintendent Todd M. Aiken dismissed a teacher from his position at Melbourne High School, after the teacher was observed using medical cannabis during school hours.. Read more about trulieve gets robbed and let us know what you think.

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