San Miguel County marijuana grower to invest $2M

San Miguel County, which is located in the southwestern corner of Colorado, has been a marijuana growing region for decades. The county’s cannabis growers have long relied on large-scale operations to meet demand and generate revenue. Recently, however, smaller marijuana farms are becoming more popular as they provide consumers with access to higher quality marijuana at lower prices.

San Miguel County, a marijuana grower in California, has announced that they will invest $2M into their business.



On his 13-acre farm in San Miguel County, a hemp researcher wants to spend $2 million to legally cultivate marijuana.

John Sedillo also plans to hire 30 to 40 people, with wages ranging between $18 and $20 per hour.

“They don’t need any previous experience with cannabis (growing),” Sedillo added. “We appreciate the capability” (to teach them). Individuals are already being interviewed.”

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Cannabis Regulation Act earlier this year, making recreational marijuana legal on April 1st. According to a published article, over 400 businesses began the process of requesting for licenses on September 1st, and they must be granted by January 1st. 

San Miguel County Planning and Zoning Director Amanda Salas said she had talked with nine parties interested in producing marijuana. She has three applications and is now working on one for Sedillo, the owner of Ziawant to.

No one has applied to cultivate marijuana in Mora County, according to Brad Sena, the county’s planning and zoning director.

“People had asked about the ordinance while we weren’t done,” Sena added. “I’m shocked that no one has applied.”

Sedillo has been economically refining the genetics of hemp and cultivating it as the founder and CEO of Family Help Brands.

He said, “We take the crop and turn it into consumer packaged goods like CBD products.”

CBD products may help with anxiety, sadness, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other things.

“In terms of marketing saturation, the hemp sector as a whole has actually deteriorated,” he added. “As a tiny business, we are aware of it. We’re very focused on a high level of quality versus how many units of our product we can get out the door for the least amount of money.”

Sedillo is focusing on the art of producing high grade adult-use cannabis, rather than large-scale manufacturing.

“When it comes to marijuana growing, we’ll scale down our (hemp) operations and have the greatest plant count,” he added.

Ziawant to intends to start growing 8,000 plants in indoor facilities and greenhouses in February. Irrigation water rights are available on the property.

“Once we’ve harvested the marijuana, our goal is to operate one dispensary at first to make sure we’re doing a good job with that aspect of the company,” Sedillo said. “We’ve found many additional sites and want to open one to two dispensaries each year.”

Because both Sedillo and his unidentified partner reside in San Miguel County, several dispensaries are likely to open there.

He said, “Without a doubt, we will be in Las Vegas.”

The San Miguel County marijuana grower to invest $2M is a story about the San Miguel County business owner who plans on investing $2M into his cannabis farm. Reference: cut n clean tuscan kale.

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