Overlooked, Fastest-Growing, Most Profitable Cannabis Company Outside of North America

With U.S.-Canada border restrictions, Canadian cannabis companies are gaining a competitive edge by providing high-quality products at lower prices than their American counterparts. With dispensaries becoming commonplace in the United States and Canada, this may be one of the industry’s fastest growing opportunities for investors looking to enter into a burgeoning market space with low barriers to entry.

The “best cbd stocks to buy on robinhood” is a company that has been overlooked, but is the fastest-growing and most profitable cannabis company outside of North America.

Overlooked, Fastest-Growing, Most Profitable Cannabis Company Outside of North America


InterCure Ltd is undervalued and poised for massive growth.

Cannabis stock investors are mostly focused on the US market, as they wait for marijuana to be decriminalized on a federal level.

However, the marijuana industry extends outside North America. Countries on other continents have followed Canada and Mexico’s example in legalizing marijuana. When recreational cannabis is ultimately legalized at the federal level in the United States, well-established marijuana enterprises in several nations stand to benefit greatly.

InterCure Ltd (NASDAQ:INCR), the most profitable and fastest-growing cannabis firm outside of North America, is without a doubt one of the most appealing marijuana options. Canndoc is Israel’s biggest permitted cannabis grower and is a totally owned subsidiary of InterCure.

Israel is regarded as a world leader in medicinal marijuana research and development. Israel overtook Germany as the world’s largest importer of medicinal cannabis flower in July 2020. (Source: MJBizDaily, December 17, 2021, “Israel Passes Germany as World’s Largest Importer of Medical Cannabis Flower.”)

The increase was mostly due to an Israeli law passed in 2019 that made it easier for physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients suffering from chronic pain, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Parkinson’s illness, Tourette Syndrome, and epilepsy. (Source: The Cannigma, September 13, 2021, “Is Cannabis Legal in Israel?”)

While recreational cannabis is officially prohibited in Israel, decriminalization rules for small-scale possession have been adopted. Some Israeli MPs favor decriminalizing recreational marijuana and expunging the criminal records of people convicted of minor marijuana possession offenses.

According to some estimates, as much as 27% of Israel’s adult population consumes cannabis.

InterCure Ltd, Israel’s biggest cannabis firm, is ideally positioned to profit from the country’s medicinal and recreational cannabis markets.

InterCure Ltd announced spectacular fourth-quarter financial results, revealing that the business had secured 30% of Israel’s medicinal cannabis industry. The firm opened three more medical cannabis pharmacies after the fourth quarter ended, increasing its total to 23.

INCR stock hasn’t been doing as well as one would assume, despite the company’s excellent position and record profits. As of this writing, the stock has down 7% in the previous six months and is down 3.5 percent year to date.

However, InterCure Ltd has a promising future. InterCure stock has an average 12-month price objective of $8.66, with a high estimate of $10.31. This indicates that improvements of 39 percent to 65 percent are possible.


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INCR Stock Information

Canndoc is a brand of InterCure Ltd that sells dry cannabis inflorescences and cannabis extracts blended with oil. The firm also makes biomedical investments. 

InterCure Ltd has announced a number of agreements and an acquisition in recent months.

The firm stated in February that it has inked a formal deal to buy Cann Pharmaceutical Ltd., commonly known as Better, an Israeli-based global medical cannabis company. (InterCure Ltd, February 16, 2022, “InterCure Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Multi-National Medical Cannabis Producer ‘Better’.”)

InterCure will receive Better’s unique marijuana strains, growing location, intellectual property, and commercial activities in Israel and worldwide as part of the $35 million deal.

InterCure launched a new cooperation with Altman Health in early March, a nutritional supplement firm whose products are sold in over 1,700 locations across Israel, including all major pharmacies. (Source: InterCure Ltd, “InterCure Announces Partnership With Altman Health,” March 1, 2022.)

Following the Israeli minister of health’s statement that CBD would be removed from the country’s Dangerous Drugs Act, the cooperation will concentrate on the new Israeli cannabidiol (CBD) market.

InterCure Ltd’s collaboration with Altman Health will see the company register, produce, sell, and distribute CBD products in Israel, including those from Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CWBHF).

Later in March, InterCure and Clever Leaves announced a multiyear worldwide cultivation, marketing, and distribution collaboration. (InterCure Ltd, March 22, 2022, “InterCure and Clever Leaves Announce International Strategic Partnership.”)

InterCure will have access to Clever Leaves’ high-THC medicinal cannabis flower under the terms of this arrangement. Meanwhile, Clever Leaves will develop InterCure Ltd’s strains and distribute InterCure’s branded goods throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and South America.

Record-Breaking Q4 & Full-Year 2021 Results

InterCure Ltd released its financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 on April 6.

Revenue increased 194 percent year over year and 29 percent sequentially to $32.6 million in the fourth quarter. (InterCure Ltd, April 6, 2022, “InterCure Reports Record-Breaking Q4 and 2021 Results — Exceeded Preliminary Results.”)

InterCure’s fourth-quarter revenue was higher than expected, representing the company’s sixth consecutive quarter of positive operational cash flow and eighth consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth. More than CA$130.0 million is expected to be generated on an annually basis.

InterCure Ltd reported CA$9.0 million in adjusted profits before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) for the quarter, up 140 percent year over year and 50 percent sequentially. The firm recorded a net loss of CA$1.0 million in the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, InterCure Ltd provided more than one ton of medicinal cannabis every month.

Also during the quarter, the company announced that it had expanded its international operations into Europe through a partnership with the cannabis company Cookies Creative Productions & Consulting, Inc. Under the multiyear agreement, InterCure Ltd will open “Cookies” branded stores and medical cannabis pharmacies in Austria and the U.K.

“Our fourth quarter results came in stronger than we initially expected,” said InterCure CEO Alexander Rabinovitch, “as we successfully continued to expand InterCure’s branded product portfolio, scale up our unique global supply chain, and expand our pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis dispensing operation.”

InterCure Ltd’s overall sales climbed by 230 percent to a record CA$89.0 million in fiscal 2021. Its full-year adjusted EBITDA increased by 250 percent to a new high of CA$23.0 million. The firm earned CA$3.0 million in net profits for the year and concluded 2021 with CA$89.0 million in cash.

InterCure Ltd boosted its market share for Canndoc’s branded goods over the year and expanded their medical cannabis pharmacy network to 19 sites.

Expert Opinion

InterCure Ltd may be Israel’s largest cannabis firm and the fastest-growing, most lucrative cannabis company outside of North America, but Wall Street analysts have mostly ignored it. That will not last long.

InterCure Ltd has announced a number of new alliances as well as a strategic purchase that will help it grow its national and worldwide reach. Furthermore, recreational cannabis is projected to be legalized in the United States at the federal level in the near future.

The firm had record fourth-quarter and full-year financial achievements in 2018, and it expects the trend to continue in 2022. Its strong financial position is projected to assist future earnings growth.

All of this suggests that InterCure stock may be worth investigating.

The “best marijuanas stocks 2021 reddit” is a company that has been overlooked and undervalued for some time. It’s the fastest-growing, most profitable cannabis company outside of North America.

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