Ohio Cultivator and Non-profit Organization Offer Education Program in Cultivation

Ohio Cultivator and Non-profit Organization Offer Education Program in Cultivation

A recent survey by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) shows that most Americans have never heard of Ohio’s cannabis industry. That may explain why farmers are still jammed into the back of the state’s car. Cannabis plants are growing everywhere in Ohio, even in some of the country’s most prestigious farms.

The Ohio Cultivator and Non-profit Organization (OCNFO) carries out cultivation and sales of medical and recreational cannabis in Ohio. The organization is dedicated to serving Ohio’s medical and recreational cannabis patients by offering education, cultivation, and sales.. Read more about ohio cultivation license and let us know what you think.



Former inmates may now learn how to grow cannabis according to a non-profit organization in Ohio called URC Grows.

An Ohio non-profit group and a cannabis grower are collaborating to provide cannabis growing instruction to people who have been imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses.

The cannabis grower Riviera Creek Holdings LLC and the United Returning Citizens (URC) group, both headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, are teaming together to promote a program called URC Grows. Those who have been convicted of cannabis offenses will have access to educational and employment possibilities via the program.

The United Reformed Church (URC) is a non-profit organization that assists those who have been impacted by mass imprisonment. They help people with job searches, training, financial assistance, and education, among other things. By working with Riviera Creek via URC Grows, the group aims to expand these and other programs. According to URC’s website, “United Returning Citizens developed an Education, Workforce, and Business Development Training Program for the next generation of employees.” “Because of the nature of the program stages and the eventual aim of generating job possibilities with the registrants while they are in the course, this program will be comprehensive and unique.”

Those interested in cultivating marijuana have a variety of choices, but URC’s program stands out due to its unique accreditation. “URC Grows strives to stand out by offering three types of Ohio Department of Education-approved certifications. The website adds, “We will also offer entrepreneurial development services and land for each entrepreneur to cultivate on, or employment in a URC-operated grow facility.”

According to Dionne Dowdy, Executive Director of URC, there is a tremendous need for change and assistance for individuals who have been adversely impacted by cannabis charges. “There were so many people that were jailed by this and now that everyone is making money off something that they are already sitting in jail for, we want to give them an opportunity, everyone needs a second chance and these are the things that they can do that were just natural to them that they will thrive in so why not give them this opportunity,” Dowdy said.

Riviera Creek CEO Daniel Kessel went on to say that it’s critical that this program helps students learn all they’ll need to get a career in the business. “We at Riviera plan to assist in the development of the entire course work, what it looks like, and when they graduate, Riviera intends to bring some of them in house so they end up with employment immediately after graduation, and we’re eager for that program to begin,” said Kessel.

Three Ohio programs teach all aspects of cultivation.

URC Grows is divided into three sections. The first is a farming program that focuses on hydroponic and aquaponic instruction. The second is a comprehensive education program that covers the whole hemp cultivation process, from seed to sale. The final program will concentrate on medicinal cannabis, but it will also help students prepare for when recreational cannabis is legalized.

Students will be “offered the chance to maintain and cultivate their own hemp for their hemp-based company or agricultural goods” after completing these programs.

The Hawthorne Social Justice Fund of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation awarded grants to five groups, including URC. The Hawthorne Gardening Company announced on June 10, 2021 that it will award $2.5 million to groups that promote criminal justice reform and social equality applications. This money aided URC, as well as Last Prisoner Project, Marijuana Policy Project Foundation, Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and NuLeaf Project.

Dowdy went on to say that helping people who have been mistreated by the War on Drugs can only be good for Youngstown. “We already have a workforce problem, but if we take the next people who are coming and train them and give them an opportunity to have a job, to have a career to take care of their family, not only would it help them, it would help our city, it would help our community, it would help with crime,” she said.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about growing your own marijuana crop, but haven’t known where to start, this is the perfect opportunity for you – and your family/friends/co-workers/neighbors/neighbors’ neighbors/roommates/neighbor’s neighbors. That’s right, we’re offering an educational program that will teach you everything you need to know about growing your own medical marijuana!. Read more about ohio clean leaf and let us know what you think.

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