Nine Pound Hammer (High Qualitea DC)

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At the end of the day, it seems to all of us, that a failure to meet expectations is all of us. It is a gift to have been able to make it through the holidays, and start the new year looking to the future. We have all had to deal with disappointments. From the lack of a job interview to the loss of a loved one, it seems that there is nothing that can be escaped. However, within the latest news regarding the cannabis industry, there is something that is being ignored.

It’s been a while since my last post, so I’m sure many readers are wondering what happened to the Nine Pound Hammer (High Qualitea DC) blog. The last time I shared a menu with you here was on 30th February 2012, and the first post was published on 1st August 2011. Since then, I’ve been at it non-stop, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet some new friends in the High-End Cannabis community. I’ve also had the chance to try some new strains, and I’ve created a menu for a new menu, so this post is going to be a little bit different.

Today we look at one of the newcomers to the I-71 derby, High Qualitea DC (now defunct). To publicize their organic and free coffee and tea delivery service, they are donating another popular plant, cannabis sativa, with them. Yay for everything! I’m in such a good mood this morning. Probably because I forgot to check the eternal rage machine and ignored the news. Ah-ah-ah. As far as I know, Guam exploded and World War III started yesterday. Angry zombies can run to my door right now. The aliens could be having an Independence party at the White House. We can be on DEFCON 5 alert for radioactive mutants, and guess what? It’s the same for me. I’m going to enjoy my quiet morning ignorance some more, if you don’t mind, while I sip High Qualitea and sizzerb. Did I say that right? Sizerb? We’ll edit that later (note: overpopulated with mutants, send help, aaargh). Just in time for Valentine’s Day, High Qualitea DC has beautiful bouquets of flowers for your cuddly kitty. The site is simple and easy to navigate. Prices for tea, coffee and groceries are listed along with a number to text for more information on the week’s flavors, giveaways, etc. The first is the nine pound hammer. The plant’s reputation as a powerful indica had preceded him, and Gentleman was eager to try it. My specimens were mostly popcorn buds, but they still had nice trichomes. What attracted me to the High Qualitea flowers were the excellent aroma profiles. Nine Pound Hammer has a spicy, peppery aroma that indicates a high concentration of myrcene, a terpene thought to be responsible for sleep and/or sleeping problems. That was really my experience. I did a blind taste test, not knowing what was in the can I was smoking, and after I drank a jug of the stuff, I went back to bed a half hour later: ….. at 9:30. Oh, boy. If you let it sleep, you probably only need to count one sheep. Maybe more, but certainly a manageable number of sheep. word-image-18181 Sunset Sherbet is a fashionable cross between GSC and, appropriately for this party, Pink Panties. This one had no trichomes, but the aroma had a fresh, pleasant spiciness that I had to call dill. What I can say for sure is that the smoke is very smooth and the spices give a spicy aftertaste when exhaling. Sunset Sherbet tends to be indica. It’s great to lounge on the couch and watch classic 80s movies, but writing this review proved to be a challenge. I know the words, so why can’t I find them? You’re here! I’ll take a quarter of your best letters, arranged in syllables, please. Yeah, that wouldn’t work during the day either. It won’t knock you out as quickly as Hammer, but it will take your consciousness on a balloon ride until the atmosphere becomes rarefied and you pass out like a melodramatic bachelor. Well, how else are you going to get Ari’s attention? Oh, my God, he’s looking right at me. word-image-18182 Did I mention that High Qualitea DC is a women/OS/veteran-led brand? Oh, my God. What happened to my editor? Not only do you get free delicious flowers with your coffee or tea, but you can also feel good. I love to win, don’t you?

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Welcome to my blog. On this site you’ll find all kinds of info about cannabis and all sorts of medical benefits. I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist, I’m just a guy who loves cannabis and herbs and is trying to help everyone understand that there are countless benefits to cannabis.. Read more about nine pound hammer meaning and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 9 Pound Hammer a good strain?

Medical and recreational marijuana users have been asking for a more potent, yet more balanced plant. Nine Pound Hammer is here to meet that demand. It’s the same as the original strain, but it’s been bred to be better from every angle. The females are a bit heavier and heavier, giving the buds more weight. The buds are heavier, giving the consumer more bang for their buck. From a medical standpoint, it’s a great strain for pain relief, insomnia, and appetite suppression. From a recreational standpoint, it’s a very mellow, pleasant high, with a nice, long-lasting body stone. It’s no secret that cannabis is becoming a more main stream drug these days. For people who are interested in the medical benefits of the drug but are worried about the stigma associated with drug use, a new breed of cannabis has emerged in the form of “Bud Buddies”. These products don’t contain any THC, but they do contain THC-free cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from the cannabis plant. These products don’t produce a high, but they can still be therapeutic for the user, and some claim that they are an effective way to help treat a handful of ailments.

How strong is 9lb Hammer?

Any time you break the mold and push boundaries, youll likely get a reaction. Nine Pound Hammer is all about breaking the mold. It is a High Quality Oil from that will knock you out and it is not for the feint hearted! This is a blog about legal high drugs. We are not a forum for drug discussions, we are not selling drugs, we are not a place where drug addicts should go to get support, and we are not a source of drug information, either. We are a blog about legal highs, and the legality of them.

Where can I buy a 9lb Hammer?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. In the midst of California’s cannabis legalisation the market is rife with high-tech cannabis products that promise both efficacy and discretion. Not all of these products are legal to sell in the state, but some are.

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