Missouri sees more than 140 medical marijuana dispensaries open in less than a year

A new state law passed in 2014 that allows Missourians to purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes, an act that many people are now daring to try. The only problem is, there are now more than 140 dispensaries in Missouri, and many of them are located in major cities.

Missouri has witnessed a “sudden burst” of new storefronts for medical marijuana dispensaries in a comparatively short period of time. In January 2017, the state only had 67 dispensary licenses. In just under a year, that number has grown to 141, as reported by the Associated Press.

The year 2015 was a big one for the cannabis industry. Thanks to a series of state laws that legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational use, a surprising number of medical marijuana dispensaries popped up across Missouri. In fact, the number of Missouri cannabis dispensaries rose from 122 in 2014 to 140 in 2015. The growth of the cannabis industry has been so rapid, in fact, that the state has created a special task force to keep track of the companies and ensure that they’re complying with state and local laws.. Read more about missouri legalization recreational 2020 and let us know what you think.



JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri (AP) – Missouri’s first medical marijuana dispensaries debuted in October of last year, and there are now more than 140 throughout the state, with more on the way. 

Approximately 5,000 individuals work in the state’s medicinal cannabis sector.

Gov. Mike Parson rejected a measure in this summer that would have enabled medical marijuana company owners to deduct their costs, but the state program’s director says that won’t halt the multibillion-dollar sector. 

“The sales income is pleasantly surprising,” said Lyndall Fraker, head of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ medicinal marijuana division. “We exceeded $91 million in revenues at the end of July.”

Show-Goers in the Show-Goers in the Show-Goers in the Show Me In 2018, the state approved an amendment legalizing medicinal marijuana. Missouri became the 33rd state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. All medicinal marijuana sold in Missouri, according to Fraker, is produced in the state.

“The amendment that was passed on said that we should operate at least the minimum number of dispensaries, which was 192,” Fraker explained. “As of now, we have 142 positions available. We calculated how much product it would need to service the patient base based on the number of amounts each patient can buy each month and how much product it would take to serve the patient population, and we believe we will be fine for another five or six years.”

Fraker thinks the remaining 50 dispensaries will be operational by the end of the year.

The sector made more than $113 million in sales in August. After costs are paid, the money goes to the Missouri Veterans Commission, as part of the amendment voters approved. 

Fraker said, “We have transferred $2.1 million to the veterans.” “We did it last year, and we’re about to make a lot larger transfer than that.”

When the money is sent over, Fraker said the department would disclose the amount later this month. All medicinal marijuana products bought in Missouri are subject to an extra 4% sales tax. 

Only half of the state’s cultivators are now producing, according to Fraker, and part of the delay is attributable to the epidemic. He said that 29 sites are now operational, with a target of 63 locations, the bulk of which he intends to launch in the next three months.

“Getting equipment, getting construction supplies, delays with certain municipal administrations, and stuff like that,” Fraker said. “Today, there’s a lot of stuff being harvested, and it’s going to those 142 dispensaries. In addition, the 86 is home to about 40 manufacturers.”

In all, Missouri’s medicinal cannabis sector has 248 institutions that serve approximately 134,000 patients. Over the following year, Fraker estimates that figure to grow to about 180,000. 

Patients will be able to grow their own cannabis at home starting this year, as long as all seeds are bought from a dispensary. Patients are allowed to keep up to 18 plants in their homes at any one time, but only six of them must be mature and productive.

“There isn’t a location in the state where a dispensary isn’t within 50 minutes of anyplace in the state,” Fraker said. “We have 348 facilities licensed with us. Our first priority is to have all 348 of them up and running.”

The governor, according to Fraker, backed Senate Measure 226, which enabled medical marijuana company owners to deduct their costs, but there were parts of the big bill with which he disagreed.

The veto session begins Sept. 15, and if it isn’t filled before then, he plans to handle it next season.

“It’s a big hardship in Missouri to have to pay tax on the whole amount of sales, not just the profit of sales,” Fraker said. “Every other company may deduct its costs, and you pay taxes on the profit.”

Since voters approved medical cannabis in November 2016, many Missouri residents who suffer from a variety of conditions, including several without a prescription, have flocked to the state’s 158 licensed dispensaries.. Read more about missouri legalization recreational 2020 petition and let us know what you think.

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