Michigan’s marijuana dispensary goes high-tech to provide bespoke customer experience

A dispensary in Michigan has outfitted their store with high-tech ways to provide a unique customer experience, from providing touchless transactions that allow customers to browse the shop without waiting for cashiers and workers. Their sophisticated marketing strategy includes Instagram influencers who’ll post about products, giving followers an inside look into what it’s like shopping at the counter.

Michigan’s marijuana dispensary goes high-tech to provide bespoke customer experience. The company is using a combination of technology and human expertise to create an immersive retail experience that caters to customers’ needs.

Michigan's marijuana dispensary goes high-tech to provide bespoke customer experience



Customers may choose their potency and pay via Pure Roots’ own kiosks.

It’s the beginning of a new year, and for marijuana shops, January is extra special since it’s CBD Awareness Month.

“CBD is really incredibly excellent for medicinal purposes,” said Haven Oraha, a cannbis product shopper. “I’ve been around the business as a consumer long enough to witness what it’s been able to accomplish for folks of legal age and older.”

According to Haven Oraha, a proud Michigander, CBD has been more freely accessible for medical and recreational uses since the state authorized the sale of cannabis products in 2019.

“I hope that other states that haven’t done so yet will follow our lead,” said Haven Oraha, a cannabis goods buyer.

Meanwhile, because to its year-over-year sales record, Michigan’s marijuana sector has been booming.

“It’s a multibillion-dollar enterprise that spans the whole state. Some dispensaries are doing very well. Because Ann Arbor is such a competitive market, you’ll need to stand out “Reni George, Pure Roots’ Vice President of Government Affairs, agreed.

And that is just what Pure Roots aspires to be. The dispensary’s Vice President, Reni George, says the company’s priority is to provide personalized cannabis products with exceptional customer service.

“When a consumer scans in, we ask them a series of questions, and our technology matches their replies to the available inventory to ensure they receive the correct potency,” said Reni George, Pure Roots’ Vice President of Government Affairs.

Reni claims that technology developments in their shops have helped cut operational costs, increase COVID Safety procedures, and improve quality, ranging from self-payment kiosks to semi-automated product dispatching systems.

“We exclusively sell unremediated cannabis, which hasn’t been microwaved in an ozone peroxide bath. Pure Roots does further testing, including terpene testing, to better match psychoactive effects to a customer’s experience and desires “Reni George, Pure Roots’ Vice President of Government Affairs, agreed.

Customers like Haven believe that Michigan’s marijuana shops are on the right track.

“The sectors that we are in as consumers and as business owners have to develop as well or you will be left behind,” said Haven Oraha, a cannabis product buyer.

Pure Root’s Centerline store will open later this month, and their mobile app to place orders and monitor delivery will arrive in February, but before you start using cannabis products, talk to your doctor to be sure they’re right for your entire health regimen.

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