Marijuana allowed at New York State Fair this year

Marijuana was banned and/or restricted throughout the United States and most of the world as a result of the War on Drugs. The United States federal government made it illegal to grow, distribute, or possess marijuana, or even to simply use it. As a result, it became difficult and expensive to obtain.

This year marks the first year that the New York State Fair will allow the public to legally buy and try marijuana products, including edibles, concentrates and extracts. This is a big step for the fair and for New York in general, as it joins dozens of other states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. The fair is a big event in the state, drawing in over one million visitors a year, and one of the events on the fairgrounds is the state’s main agricultural competition, where judges award prizes to the top farmers and their crops. New York has had medical marijuana since 2009, and now scores of visitors will be able to sample and buy legal marijuana products at the fair.

The New York State Fair, which kicks off on Sept. 25, will feature a new marijuana-themed exhibit that will allow visitors to search for and buy marijuana-infused candies and play games that involve the drug. And although the exhibit is located on the fairgrounds, state officials will still be able to arrest anyone who comes to the exhibit under the state’s penal law for possessing and using marijuana.





On Sunday, April Stec and her family waited in line for their annual trip to the Fair.


What You Should Know

  • Marijuana is now legal on the New York State Fairgrounds, according to the state’s new cannabis legislation.
  • There are certain places where it is not permitted.
  • The director of the fair claims that thus far, smokers have been courteous.


Stec remarked, “I adore the Dairy Barn.” “I simply go to the Dairy Barn,” says the narrator. “I really like the milk and butter sculpture.”

There’s always much to see and do at the fair, and this year some guests will be able to do something they’ve never been allowed to do legally before: smoke marijuana. It’s legal, according to the fair’s director, because of the state’s new cannabis legislation.

“From what I understand of the law, it states that you may smoke marijuana wherever you can legally smoke cigarettes,” said fair director Troy Waffner. “In some parts of the fairgrounds, we have no smoking rules in place. However, you are permitted to smoke on the fairgrounds in general.”

Stec is in favor of legalizing.

“I think that’s fantastic,” Stec remarked. “I believe it is a plant that has long been utilized for medical reasons. I believe that having it authorized on a federal level would be fantastic for people, since I do not agree with the pharmaceutical industry.”

Marissa Mejia and her family traveled from the Bronx to attend the fair. After months of pandemic closures, they’re thrilled to be at the fair and doing enjoyable activities.

“We’ve been out and about for a while now, but visiting locations this large, it seems like our first trip back,” Mejia said. “It seems to be normal.”

Mejia arrived with her children and expressed her displeasure with the fact that marijuana smoking is permitted at the fair.

“I’ve been in areas where I could smell that, and it’s the worst stench imaginable, and I wouldn’t want my kids to be around that,” Mejia added. “I understand some people use it for medical reasons, which you are aware of, but if it is more of a recreational activity, I would rather that people not use it here.”

Despite his support for marijuana use on the fairgrounds, Stec isn’t convinced that it enhances the fair experience.

“I don’t believe it’ll necessarily drive up or down attendance in the way that folks can utilize it here,” Stec said. “However, some individuals may be more likely to attend if they have health problems.”

According to the fair’s director, few people seem to be smoking marijuana at the fair thus far, and those who do appear to be polite about it.

Smoking is prohibited in all covered buildings, all picnic areas, the Kiddieland, the midway, the grassy area of Chevy Court, the veterans and 9/11 monuments, and the State Park at the Fair.

The New York State Fair has a long history of cannabis legalization. In the 1970’s, the festival had a booth that sold marijuana in a number of strains and products. In 2017, two years prior to legalization of recreational marijuana in New York State, the fair is advertising for a new booth that will sell cannabis products.. Read more about new york state fair dates and let us know what you think.

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