Many U.S. Employers Stop Drug Testing to Attract Workers

Cannabis prohibition is a failed policy, creating more problems than it solves. In order to combat the problem of drug abuse in America, many employers are turning their backs on drug testing and instead focusing on education and treatment for those who need help. Americans should be able to make smart choices without government intervention.

The “companies no longer drug testing” is a trend that has been happening in the U.S. Many companies have stopped drug-testing their employees, which has led to an increase of people working in cannabis industries.

Many U.S. Employers Stop Drug Testing to Attract Workers

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According to survey data produced by the Manpower Group, employers throughout the United States are abandoning marijuana drug testing regulations as a strategy to recruit new workers and retain existing employees.

In North America and Europe, almost 45,000 employers were surveyed. According to NORML, 9% of respondents said they have “eliminated employment screens or drug testing” as a method to either recruit or retain personnel. In the present employment market, 69 percent of respondents said they are having “difficulty” filling staffing jobs, a 15-year high.

Except for individuals in federally regulated professions, Amazon executives said in June that the business will no longer conduct pre-employment marijuana screens for new workers (that mandate drug testing).

In September, the business also declared that “past workers and candidates who were previously dismissed or delayed during random or pre-employment marijuana screens” have been “reinstated eligibility.” The Amazon firm is the country’s second-largest employer.

In recent months, lawmakers in several states – Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Montana – as well as city councilmembers in a growing number of cities, including Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC – have enacted policies limiting employers’ ability to pre-screen applicants for past marijuana use. Employers in New York are also limited in their authority to discipline existing workers for marijuana usage outside of work hours unless there is proof of “articulable symptoms of cannabis impairment.”

Urinalysis may identify the existence of inactive marijuana byproducts for up to 100 days after quitting smoking.

The identification of these products “simply shows that a certain chemical is present in the test subject’s bodily tissue,” according to the US Department of Justice. It’s not a sign of misuse or addiction; it’s not a sign of recent, frequent, or large amounts of usage; or it’s not a sign of impairment.”

The “list of companies that don’t drug test 2020” is a list of employers who have stopped drug testing their employees. The list includes major corporations like Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percent of employers require drug testing?

A: 97% of employers require a drug test.

Why employees should not be drug tested?

A: Employers should be drug-tested because they are in a position of trust when interacting with their employees.

What are the benefits of drug testing to employers and employees?

A: Drug testing has been shown to have a number of benefits. It helps prevent drug use in the workplace and protects employees from being fired for using or having marijuana metabolites on their breath. Testing also provides employers with a way to keep tabs on potential substance abuse problems that may arise within the workforce, as an employees level of intoxication can be measured through a urine test if they are willing as well as any substances found during the pre-employment process which could help determine whether or not they are physically able to do their job safely.

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