Kreider Farms introduces An egg-centric idea

When Kreider Farms opened their doors to the public at the end of last month, they had something different in store. Visitors were greeted by a 100-foot long mural of eggs painted on one side of the building and cannabis plants growing inside on the other. The farm’s owners have taken inspiration from what is part plant, part animal agriculture–and for them it has been fruitful.

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Kreider was already producing a broad selection of organic and brown eggs, so eggs seemed like a good place to start. This prompted an inquiry.

“Why not add some hemp in there and see if we can get some higher omegas and nutrients?” Khalee Kreider, the company’s marketing manager, said. “It seems to fit in with what we already had going on.”

Two years later, a seismic change occurred. Hemp and hemp seeds were removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of banned drugs as part of the 2018 Farm Bill.

The egg concept was given a second opportunity. It was no longer a hypothetical situation. It has the potential to be developed.

It was a long path from then till the end of last year, when the eggs under the Chiques Creek brand became a reality. They were the world’s first hemp-fed, cage-free eggs.

The first shipment was made in December. It was a thrilling experience for everyone involved to handle one of those eggs and send some to grocery shops.

“Everyone was ecstatic,” Kreider remarked. “It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time.” The excitement was palpable as we finally had a packed product that was ready to be sent to customers. Everyone was eager to see what would happen and to release it into the public.”

In comparison to regular eggs, the eggs have the following nutritional profile. They contain three times the amount of omega-3, 20% more lutein, four times the amount of vitamin D, and double the amount of vitamin B12. Protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and fatty acids are all found in them.

The flavor, according to Kreider, is quite similar to the eggs that people have eaten their whole lives.

“I doubt you would be able to detect the difference unless you are an extremely passionate egg eater,” Kreider remarked. However, the nutrition is different, and the yoke is a bit darker yellow. It’s things like those that set it apart.”

Manheim, Pennsylvania is home to Kreider Farms. The eggs are available at 21 Giant stores in the Philadelphia region, as well as several local retailers in Lancaster County, according to Khalee Kreider. There is a constant push to extend distribution and bring on new merchants.

Even as hemp products become more popular, Chiques Creek’s launch continues to prioritize education.

Kreider is often asked the same questions.

“What exactly is it?” “What does that imply?” she inquired. “It’s simply that people want to know more about it.” They’re trying to figure out what it is.”

From the beginning through the formal debut, the Kreider Farms crew never wavered in their belief. There was a great deal of trial and error, fine-tuning, and testing. The only reservations I had were about the timeframe.

Kreider received an exemption from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, allowing it to utilize hemp as a feed for producing animals. That was a really important and required step.

The Ag Department approved Kreider Farms’ and Wenger Feeds’ “Independent Generally Recognized as Safe determination for one particular product based on the firms’ rigorous investigations and data analysis,” according to press secretary Shannon Powers.

“Other manufacturers would have to submit their own data and analyses to the department for assessment, which would be tailored to their particular goods.” The government confined its approval of the GRAS finding to the firms’ eggs from layers fed hemp seed cake.”

Kreider Farms, which released a hemp drink before the eggs, understands that if the eggs are approved, additional hemp items will follow. Other beverages, including ice cream, might be next on the menu.

“There has been a lot of enthusiasm from farmers and on the agricultural side growing the product since the Hemp Bill was approved,” Kreider said. “Then, when it was time to harvest, they sat on it since we don’t have a well-established industry or processing capability for it.” Hopefully, as the food sector expands, the hemp business will develop as well.”

For the time being, Kreider Farms is taking little steps to expand the egg market. It expects to get FDA clearance to sell outside of Pennsylvania in the near future.

At some time, other corporations will most certainly introduce their own eggs. Kreider has a leg up on the competition. The firm is looking forward to seeing where the industry goes next.

“We want to see our brand succeed,” Kreider added. “However, we’d want to see hemp as a whole become more prevalent in the consumer food area in a range of goods.”

Although it may take time, that day will arrive.

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