Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosins

Kaizen Extracts’ cold-extract rosin process is taking the industry by storm. Together, with their partners at High Times Magazine and Dab Lab NYC, Kaizen has developed a low temp extraction that preserves cannabinoid potency and creates an oil that can be vaped or dabbed on top of any dry herb.

Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosins are a new type of rosin. They produce less heat during the extraction process, which allows for a more controlled and even extraction.

Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosins



Kaizen Extracts provides Cold Cure Rosins as well as high-quality vaping and smoking solutions; to understand more, read this review.

The technique you choose to cure your rosin has a significant impact on the taste and uniformity of the finished product.

While heated curing takes place at temperatures ranging from 90 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, cold curing takes place in a sealed jar at temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The jar must be sealed for at least 24 hours and up to 72 hours.

Warm curing entails either placing heated rosin into a sealed glass jar after extraction, or heating the rosin after it has been placed into a sealed glass jar. The terpenes begin to separate and pool on the rosin’s surface during this resting period. The terpenes are then whipped back into the rosin, giving it a badder-like texture. The finished product has the perfect consistency for dabbing or twisting into a joint.

One of the benefits of using the cold cure method is that it reduces the quantity of terpenes lost due to evaporation. As a result, this method is often employed to retain the terpenes’ taste and aroma. Rosin’s popularity has risen dramatically in the recent year. As the industry grows and more knowledge about extracts is provided, it seems that more and more brands are attempting to enter the market.

I got the chance to taste two Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosin strains today. Kaizen’s Cold Cure Rosins are made by Cypress Manufacturing in Monterey County, California, and may be purchased at dispensaries all around the state.

Kaizen is a California heritage brand that has been processing some of the greatest material in the state since the medical days and has consistently produced clean, high-quality extracts. Kaizen’s Founder Dan Yoo saw a need for clean cannabis for patients when he first entered the market, and he has since dedicated himself to producing only the best quality concentrates.

Kaizen’s extracts have received several honors, and it is regarded as one of the best extraction firms for individuals who value high-quality extracts. To discover a dispensary near you, go to the Kaizen Extracts website and use the shop finder. 

The White Tahoe Gelato Cold Cure was the first Kaizen product I tried. This rosin is a gorgeous cross of White Tahoe Cookies and Gelato. The powerful perfume of fragrant pine with a menthol-like finish greeted me as soon as I cracked open the new jar. The stink stayed in my nostrils even after I placed the jar down, and I could feel my nose hairs begin to tickle.

When I initially looked inside the jar, I observed a lovely champagne-blonde rosin with a smooth badder consistency. I instantly tasted the creamy funk of the gelato as the smooth, heavy smoke started to fill my lungs and tongue. As I inhaled, the taste remained and then developed, with flavors of pine coating the top of my tongue.

The impact was virtually instantaneous. My shoulders and facial muscles began to retract and relax as the tension became more soothing and calming. Any worries I had began to fade away as I melted into the sofa. This would be an excellent strain to smoke before going to bed since it is both physically and emotionally soothing. 

Kaizen’s Banana Royale was the second extract on the table, and it was a pleasant smoke. Banana Royale is a delicious hybrid of Banana OG and Dairy Queen bananas. With a vivid golden hue and a badder-like consistency, the rosin looks quite similar to the While Tahoe Gelato. The Banana OG gave out aromas of ripe and caramelized bananas at first whiff.

The sweet banana scent was followed by a creamy, almost nutty aroma, which gave the finish a nice savory accent. As the sweet, creamy Banana OG struck my tongue, the candied-banana terps translated immediately into the flavor. The Dairy Queen (a hybrid between Cheese and Space Queen) then gave the exhale a greasy, peanut-like flavor.

Without being racey or excessively stimulating, this strain is uplifting and euphoric. The effects gradually transition to a relaxing and comforting sensation. This strain is great for unwinding at the end of the day while reading a book or binge-watching your favorite show. 

After smoking and enjoying these goods, I can certainly recommend Kaizen’s Cold Cured Hash Rosin to anybody who enjoys high-quality and flavorful cannabis extracts. Dan and his crew have kept their promise and have continued to produce only the best extracts. I’m forward to see (and smoke!) what other unique rosins the Monterey team comes up with in the months and years ahead.

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