Illinois Is Selling More Than $100 million In Weed Every Month

Illinois is on pace to sell over $1 billion in marijuana by 2020, a target of the former governor who legalized weed for recreational use. The state has seen an influx of businesses and new residents eager to get their hands on some green.

Marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation and cannabis sales in Illinois are soaring. The state has seen a 22% jump in pot revenue since last year, thanks to 13 new adult-use dispensaries that have opened up over the course of 2018.Illinois is selling more than $100 million in weed every month. This revenue will help Illinois with its budget issues, and it will also contribute to the state’s pension funds. The “illinois marijuanas tax revenue 2020” is a great indicator of how much money marijuana has been making for the state.



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The “illinois marijuanas tax revenue where does it go” is a question that has been asked multiple times. The answer to the question is that Illinois is selling more than $100 million in weed every month.

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