Humboldt County Offers Support Program for Cannabis

Since the passage of the new medical marijuana law, Humboldt County, California, is offering a program where patients with serious medical conditions can legally buy and grow their own marijuana.

As more states and local governments loosen their cannabis laws, more people are becoming aware of this misunderstood drug. The following article is a collection of the different programs available in Humboldt County.

Marijuana is an all-natural drug that can provide much-needed relief to those suffering from a variety of symptoms and conditions, including severe nausea, chronic pain, and the symptoms of many diseases. As a plant-based drug, marijuana is also relatively safe and, when used appropriately, can be an effective treatment for many health problems. Unlike dangerous drugs such as heroin or meth, marijuana remains relatively unregulated by federal law, and medical cannabis is readily available in most states.



At a crucial moment for the cannabis sector, Humboldt County has recently announced an assistance program for its farmers.

Growers in Humboldt County, California, who have been bedeviled by the ever-falling price of cannabis, have been given a lifeline by local authorities.

The county began the application process for “Project Trellis,” an assistance program to help local cannabis producers, on Monday. The program is based on the California Cannabis Equity Act, which was signed into law in 2018 and aimed to “ensure that persons most harmed by cannabis criminalization and poverty are offered assistance to enter the multibillion dollar cannabis industry as entrepreneurs or employees with high-quality, well-paying jobs.”

Those eligible to apply for Project Trellis this year may allegedly apply for up to $10,000 “per service,” with more than $2 million in total awards available.

Applications must be submitted by September 17th. 

The grant money has arrived at a crucial moment for farmers in Humboldt County. 

The County of Humboldt is rescued.

The county’s “independent cannabis growers are in crisis,” according to Natalynne DeLapp, executive director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance, who told the Times-Standard newspaper.

“It’s fantastic that the county created Project Trellis… “(She) has obtained almost $5 million in state funds to assist areas most affected by the War on Drugs in joining the regulated cannabis market, but now is the time to get serious,” she told the newspaper.  

“Perhaps 200 of Humboldt County’s 900-plus crop owners may earn up to $10,000 in fee waivers for professional services like as fee waivers, technical help, or building solar or water storage systems if they can show the War on Drugs has adversely affected them. DeLapp said, “The wholesale price of cannabis has fallen below the cost of manufacturing.”

“Unless we want an extinction event, which would entail losing our legacy farmers,” she added, “it is critical for the county to increase financial allocations directly to our farmers.”

Officials in Humboldt County claimed they “identified individuals most impacted by the prohibition of cannabis in Humboldt County” via interviews and statistics while forming Project Trellis.

According to the program’s website, “it was found that some groups and areas, especially small producers and those harmed by previous laws, were adversely impacted while engaging in the cannabis business.” “The results of the Cannabis Equity Assessment were then utilized to develop the Program’s equity eligibility criteria, which are detailed in the Local Equity Program Manual. The Local Equity Program Manual also details the services that are offered to individuals who fulfill the qualifying criteria. The Program carries out the statutory objectives of the State of California and the County of Humboldt to promote equality among individuals affected by cannabis prohibition.”

A Cannabis Business Micro-grant Initiative, a Local Equity Program, and a Marketing and Promotion Program are all part of the program. 

According to the county, the Micro-grant Program “allows cannabis companies to apply for money to pay business-related expenses,” while the Local Equity Program “provides resources to local communities and people affected by the War on Drugs.”

The Marketing Program is “intended to develop and sustain Humboldt-grown cannabis as a national and industry brand,” according to the website.

The California Cannabis Equity Act, which was passed two years after California voters legalized recreational marijuana, was seen as a means to bring illegal growers and dealers out of the shadows and into the regulated market.

The bill “recognizes the failed efforts of the War on Drugs, but more importantly, it highlights the disproportionate devastation cannabis criminalization has had on communities and helps address the harms by reducing barriers to licensure and increasing opportunities for employment,” according to Democratic state Senator Steven Bradford at the time.

For decades, Humboldt County has been a hotbed of marijuana cultivation in the United States. It comprises the “Emerald Triangle” with Mendocino and Trinity counties, which has long been regarded the country’s biggest cannabis-producing area.

Area residents and businesses have access to a variety of tools to help them navigate the changes that medical marijuana, and more recently, adult use cannabis, are bringing to the Humboldt County economy. These include a Humboldt County Marijuana Training Program, which helps people learn about the law, the process, and how to become a licensed dispensary or grower; and a Business Information Exchange, which provides business support services to help people start and operate a successful business.. Read more about humboldt county department of economic development and let us know what you think.

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