How To Avoid Going To The Emergency Room For Marijuana Overdose

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America, and there is a growing concern that it is also the most dangerous. The risk of a life-threatening overdose is significant because, unlike other drugs, such as painkillers or heroin, the effects of marijuana last indefinitely. Even though there are health risks associated with marijuana use, such as lung cancer and poor mental function, there is no proof that marijuana is as addictive and dangerous as other legal drugs.

This week a man was found dead after eating a marijuana edible at a concert. The report claimed the man ate over 30 of the “fudge toffee” candies that he purchased from a vendor for $20, each costing $15 to $20. The coroner’s report stated the man had acute alcohol intoxication and acute combined intoxication of marijuana and alcohol, which led to his death. The report also said the man had a history of binge drinking and drug use. The man’s death is yet another example of the dangers of marijuana edibles.

According to the CDC, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US. So, how can you avoid going to the emergency room for a marijuana overdose? It’s simple: don’t use marijuana. If you do use it, make sure you always use a method that’s safer than smoking. The best way to avoid a marijuana overdose is to use a safer method of consumption, such as vaping, edibles or tinctures. These techniques are typically safer than smoking because they don’t burn the plant matter, but they still give you the benefits of marijuana.. Read more about cannabinoid poisoning and let us know what you think.

Every time a state formally opens its legal cannabis market, stories of emergency rooms overflowing with individuals who can’t manage their marijuana begin to circulate on the internet. This occurred earlier this year in Illinois, which began taxing and regulating marijuana in January. Doctors in Chicago say that a rise in ER visits is attributable to individuals overdosing on marijuana.

Listen, it’s possible that this craziness is taking place, but it’s also possible that it isn’t. The aim of this essay is not to argue whether legalizing marijuana causes an increase in freakouts that send individuals running to the emergency room. Its purpose is to act as a kind of road map for preventing these heinous acts from occurring in the first place. Because, get this, a marijuana-using populace may consume marijuana without requiring emergency medical attention. We recognize that this is a new idea. However, we are certain that cannabis products may be used safely and responsibly.

Here’s how to do it.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that any media story claiming that individuals are rushing to the ER because their marijuana has gotten on top of them is usually always due to edibles. We’re not going to lie: these popular marijuana items offered in dispensaries in areas where marijuana is legal may be difficult to use and cause a lot of pain if not done properly.

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We’ve seen these things transform adult men into sobbing globs of saliva and sorrow, curled up in the fetal position, pleading for help or an oxygen tank. There’s no way to comprehend the tremendous anxiety that comes with too much THC if you’ve never tried it. It may make breathing very difficult and wreak havoc on your senses in frightening ways. However, if a person does not have to, there is no need to proceed down this path.

Understanding dose and timing is the key to avoiding a panic attack. However, just getting started with cannabis may be tough enough to put newcomers in a terrible position. Unlike smoking marijuana, which gives you a rush right away, cannabis edibles take a bit to work. It’s pointless to sit about for an hour hoping to experience the affects.

This is the point at which some individuals make a fatal error. They think to themselves, “Man, these edibles aren’t doing anything for me,” so they take another dosage, and perhaps another. They are then as high as they have ever been in their life in a couple of hours, with no indications of a comedown. So, if there’s one piece of advise we can provide to someone who wants to try edibles for the first time, it’s to be patient.

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The second option is to avoid becoming a hero. Seriously, the majority of edible items available at your local dispensary will have 100mg of THC. Please note that this is not a single dosage. Unless you’re an elephant, of course. This much THC may make you feel panicked to the point that you don’t want to think about it. Is it going to kill you? Science, on the other hand, predicts that it will not. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of spending many lengthy hours certain that death is approaching.

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Indeed, the dread of dying from a marijuana overdose (note: An overdose does not always imply death. It simply implies that they consumed too much) is the reason why so many individuals rush to the emergency room. When it comes to edibles, we’ve found that there is a bit of a learning curve. Beginners should generally start with 5mg of THC and work their way up. Although most budtenders advise clients to start with 10mg, we’ve discovered that even this quantity may be too much for certain people.

Remember that if the first dosage isn’t doing the job, you may always take more (give it an hour to do its thing, first). However, once a marijuana overdose has started, it is impossible to stop it. It does not have a Narcan-like reversal. You’ll simply have to cope with being very stoned, paranoid, and frightened.

And forget about all of those articles you’ll find on the internet about how to calm down after consuming too much THC. Most of these suggestions will not work on someone who is really ripped up and convinced that their life is about to end. Therefore, it’s probably best not to overdose in the first place. And the only way to avoid it is to start low and slow.

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