How Not To Get Arrested For Weed In A Legal State

When it comes to navigating state-by-state legal weed laws, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost is that even if the law says “no questions asked” on marijuana possession with no stipulation of amount, some local police forces still arrest people solely for having cannabis in public view. Whether this will change after California becomes the first U.S.-based state to legalize recreational use in November remains up for debate.,

The “1st time offense of possession of weed” is a phrase that is used to describe the crime where someone has been caught with cannabis for the first time. The phrase can also be used in reference to how long it will take before someone gets arrested for weed in a legal state.

How Not To Get Arrested For Weed In A Legal State

Many people are feeling a lot more relaxed now that marijuana is legal in some form throughout the United States — and it’s not just because of the smoke. In places where marijuana is legal, consumers feel legally emancipated; it’s a wonderful feeling to know you can enjoy something you love without worry of going to prison.

While this is somewhat true in places where marijuana is legal, it isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, even in states where marijuana is legal, there are various ways to get arrested.

Here are ten guidelines to follow if you reside in a place where marijuana is legal, which may help you avoid being arrested.

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Always purchase from a licensed dispensary.

There are several advantages to purchasing marijuana from a dispensary. There is quality control, safety, and complete transparency. It is, above all, the legal route. Just because marijuana is legal in your state doesn’t imply you can buy it from an unregistered dealer or a random person on the street. This is still a violation of the law.

Never resell legally purchased marijuana.

Even if you are not making a profit, selling your buddy the pot you acquired lawfully is prohibited. While your buddy may not betray you, keep in mind that while possessing marijuana is legal, selling and delivering it may put you in prison.

Make certain you have your medical marijuana identification card.

If your state has authorized medical marijuana, you may legally purchase and use it for medical reasons. Always have your medical marijuana card on you while you have marijuana in your hands. 

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According to a LawInfo article, “if police suspect you of illicit drug possession, you may use this card as a form of identification to prove law enforcement your status.” If you don’t have your card, though, the police may detain you until the situation is resolved.

On your property, don’t over-plant weeds.

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In almost 20 states, growing marijuana for recreational or medicinal uses is permitted. Every state has different grow laws. Some places will only let you develop for medical reasons. The number of plants allowed in each state is limited. 

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Some states even limit the number of plants that may blossom at the same time. Make sure you don’t get a gluttonous green thumb. Plant the legal quantity to give yourself and your plants peace of mind.

Some states allow public smoking, while others do not. On government land, however, possessing and smoking marijuana is always prohibited. According to NORML, “the federal statute extends to acts committed on federal property, which includes the Capitol grounds and mall in Washington, D.C., as well as all national parks and military property worldwide.” This means you should think carefully before lighting up your Yosemite or the National Mall. 

Carry just what you need.

It may seem like you may purchase an endless quantity of marijuana from a dispensary, but this is simply not the reality. The quantity of marijuana you may possess varies by state. These laws are also not to be taken lightly. In most places, being caught with big quantities of marijuana may result in criminal charges.

Never buy anything for or consume anything with minors.

Here's What You Should Know About Teens and Marijuana AbuseUnsplash photo by Aedrian

If You Give Marijuana To Minors, Here’s What Can Happen

It may seem obvious, but getting an underage person high or supplying them with marijuana is always illegal. Keep in mind that the legal drinking age is 21, not 18.

Do Not Send It By Mail

Although edibles seem to be a fantastic addition to a care box, they are prohibited. “The United States Postal Service is managed by the federal government,” according to Colorado’s official website. You can’t send marijuana since it isn’t nationally legal.”

It is not to be transported over state lines. 

Marijuana cannot be transported over state boundaries by individuals or businesses. All of the marijuana you may legally buy in a state comes from that state and needs to remain there.

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If you’re heading to a place where marijuana is prohibited, this is a simple assumption to make. However, if you are traveling from one lawful state to another, you should avoid crossing the border. Keep in mind that the “friendly” skies are federal, not state-owned, when you fly them. 

Don’t Drive If You Have Weed In Your Car

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Driving with marijuana in the automobile is not always prohibited. It is often permissible if marijuana is unopened and in its original packaging. It is common to find open flower and other opened forms of marijuana in motor vehicles. Many states have passed legislation comparable to the alcohol “open container” statutes.

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It’s also not a good image if you’re pulled over with obvious marijuana in your vehicle. Limit the amount of marijuana you have in your car when driving.

If you are in a legal state, it is best to not carry around more weed than legally allowed. If you get caught with too much, you could be arrested for weed. Reference: what is the legal amount of weed to carry.

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