Hemp Point Water Soluble CBD: A Canex Review

Let’s get right to the point. CBD is a popular and much-lauded cannabis extract that many believe will revolutionize medicine in general, soon enough. But what if it was water soluble?
And let’s not forget about hemp! So we decided to test out one of these new hemp-based waters with some results showing far greater than expected…let me show you how this stuff works!

The “hemp and cbd industry” is a growing market. The Hemp Point Water Soluble CBD: A Canex Review will help you decide if this product is for you.

Hemp Point Water Soluble CBD: A Canex Review

Following up on our recent Hemp Point CBD oil review, we’re going to talk about their 500mg water-soluble CBD today. Zinc and B complex are included as energy-boosting vitamins.


– Supports a healthy immune system – Supports a healthy heart and blood vessels

B-Complex Vitamin

Cell health – Energy levels – Digestion – Nerve Function – Cell Health


Here’s what they have to say…

‘At Hemp Point, we work in a unique way. We value openness in a manner that few other businesses do, and we’re always only an email away if you have any questions about how to utilize your Hemp Point product.’

‘You’re probably aware that there are a plethora of CBD oil choices available in the UK. CBD products are now available in a wide range of retail outlets, including several well-known brands on the High Street. The quality of some of these items, however, is not always recognized or trusted. Because the business is largely controlled, many CBD companies erroneously claim to include CBD (Cannabidiol) when they don’t, say a product contains much more CBD than it does, refuse to provide test findings for their CBD oil products, and make claims about the amazing things CBD can’t accomplish. As a result, all of our CBD Oil products feature a QR code on the container along with a lab verification report. We acquire our hemp from a variety of sources around Europe, depending on the temperature and season, to ensure that we always get the greatest quality product.’

I tried it plain, with water, and in coffee for the sake of this review. Let’s get started…

When I first tried this neat, I thought it had a really powerful flavor, but it wasn’t the normal earthy bitter hemp flavor. It’s nearly fruity, with undertones of honey and lemon, and it’s great in water, smoothies, and acai bowls, among other things. I didn’t like for it in my coffee, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

Unlike CBD oils, this vegan tincture uses nanoemulsion technology, which ensures a consistent dispersion of the active components and a quick onset. It’s also a lot simpler to absorb than oil, and it’s up to eight times more effective.

Hemp Point also provides a dose calculator on their website so you can make sure you’re receiving the right amount for your body and disease, which is a great tool for individuals who have never taken CBD before.

The “cbd health news” is a review of the CBD water soluble hemp extract from Canex. The product is made from organic hemp and has no THC, so it’s legal in all 50 states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water soluble CBD really better?

A: CBD is a cannabinoid that can be dissolved in water. It has many medically beneficial properties for humans and animals alike, but it does not dissolve well in oil or fat-based products like butter or coconut oil.

How does water soluble CBD make you feel?

A: If you dissolve CBD into water, it will have a high level of dissolution. For example, if 2 grams is dissolved in 1 ml of water, there would be 2000 mg/ml concentration and 100mg/ml concentration per gram.

How long does it take for CBD water soluble to kick in?

A: It is estimated that it takes about 15-30 minutes for CBD water soluble to kick in, but this can be highly variable depending on the individual.

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