Hemp Home Builds a Bright Future for Farmers

Hemp farming has had a hard time in the United States recently, but it looks like this farm-friendly plant is making some serious strides. With hemp’s potential for creating renewable sources of biomass and its ability to improve soil health, farmers are seeing the benefits of hemp cultivation worldwide. Experts say that these new opportunities have created an exciting future for both cannabis wholesalers and manufacturers alike.

With the end of prohibition, hemp-derived CBD is becoming more widely available, and it presents a new opportunity for rural America. Hemp building materials are already seeing increased demand in construction. Expert say this trend could continue to grow quickly as awareness increases about the potential benefits of hemp for everything from health care to farming.

The “hemp farming podcast” is a podcast that discusses the benefits of hemp farming in today’s society. It covers topics such as how to grow and harvest hemp, the history of cannabis, and different uses for it.

Two funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture are helping to support Project PA Hemp Home. DON Enterprises contributed the image.

In New Castle, Pennsylvania, affordable housing built with hemp-based construction materials is approaching completion.

The first complete house restoration in Pennsylvania to use hempcrete and HempWood is Project PA Hemp Home.

DON Enterprises, based in New Castle, is the nonprofit organization sponsoring the project. DON has expanded from its roots in disability rights activism to become Lawrence County’s second biggest employer and a driver of economic growth, with over 1,000 employees providing services ranging from attendant care to construction.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has provided funding for the Hemp Home initiative via two awards. A specialized crop block award covers part of the construction and activities that promote Pennsylvania hemp, while a hemp promotion grant covers part of the construction and activities that promote Pennsylvania hemp.

1023-hemp-pphh-6.JPGThe recently completed Hemp Home project is a significant step forward in DON’s efforts to establish an industrial hemp production center in Pennsylvania that will depend on the harvests of 200 farmers. (Image courtesy of DON Enterprises)

This study illustrates how we may enhance health, create local economies, and deepen the relationship between our urban and rural communities.

Pennsylvania has a rich agricultural history, which includes a significant contribution to hemp cultivation. In this new era, the Ag Department knows that we can become a national hemp production powerhouse, and it is working hard to do so.

Hempcrete, also known as hemplime, is a nonstructural biocomposite insulating material manufactured by combining hurd (the inner woody core of the hemp stalk), lime, and water. To replace typical materials like vinyl siding, plastic sheathing, fiberglass insulation, and drywall, it may be cast in situ, spray cast, or utilized as precast blocks and panels.

Because hempcrete is harmless and does not emit contaminants, indoor air quality is significantly improved. Hempcrete is a healthy solution to the constantly growing prevalence of asthma and other ailments. The material transfers humidity from inside to outside and may save up to 30% on power bills.

DON Enterprises is also trying to establish an industrial hemp production center in western Pennsylvania by establishing a HempWood manufacturing facility and a large-scale hemp decortication factory.

Decortication is the mechanical separation of hemp stalks into long fibers known as bast and the inner woody core of the stalk known as hurd. Building materials, automobile components, textiles, and plastics are only a few of the applications for these two commodities.

Over 200 local farmers will be able to provide the needed tonnage of raw material thanks to the integrated facilities, which will generate over 100 living wage employment and offer a viable crop alternative for over 100 local farmers.

Lawrence County’s second biggest employer is DON Enterprises, a nonprofit business.

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