Former NFL star Ricky Williams talks cannabis and mental health

Former NFL star Ricky Williams is no stranger to the struggles with mental health and addiction. In a recent interview, he talks about how marijuana helps him cope with his issues without cutting back on other substances.

Former NFL star Ricky Williams talks cannabis and mental health. He is a retired running back who played for the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

Former NFL star Ricky Williams talks cannabis and mental health




“Cannabis has the property of opening your mind.” It caused me to reconsider.”

Ricky Williams, a former National Football League (NFL) player, recently spoke with FOX Sports on how cannabis affected his mental health throughout his illustrious football career.

Williams spent 11 seasons in the NFL after being named one of the best college football players of all time. Williams was banned for a year after his fourth violation of the league’s drug policy, and he went on to play with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League in 2006.

Williams’ excursion to the north enraged football icon Joe Theismann, who called him a “disgrace to the game.”

In an interview with FOX, Williams addressed those remarks.

“It was a little perplexing.” Cannabis, on the other hand, has the property of opening your mind. “It changed my perspective,” Williams told FOX.

“And I realized something: this concept that these things are occurring to me — maybe there’s a purpose for it all.” And it changed my viewpoint significantly. Instead of feeling like a victim, I recognized this was a fantastic chance for me,” he said.

Williams, in example, said that cannabis assisted him in recovering quicker and not dwelling on negative remarks, allowing him to perform better on the field.

“It’s not what people claim because I wasn’t sitting on the sofa when I used marijuana,” Williams said.

“I wasn’t slacking off.” I was reading, pondering, and practicing self-psychology and self-improvement. When I resigned from the NFL in 2004 and was no longer bound by those restrictions, I began to travel, have discussions, and read, and I realized, “Oh, they lied to us about this.”

Williams claimed cannabis assisted him to become more emotionally aware and remove his “macho guy” demeanor in the high-octane atmosphere of professional football.

“I discovered that I was lot less worried when I was in touch with how I was feeling,” he stated.

“Instead of hiding the problem, cannabis assisted me in addressing it.”

“When I got home from practice and smoked, I’d think about my day and have a deeper understanding of myself.” He said, “I’d realize where these specific desires came from, things that I didn’t understand so well.”

Since retiring from football, Williams has kept active. Last year, he started a podcast, is co-writing a biopic about his life and football career, and has his own cannabis company, Highsman.

Highsman was launched in October 2021, with revenues going to Athletes for CARE to help mental health programs. The non-profit is a group of former athletes that raise awareness about the health issues that athletes experience and advocate for plant-based medications and alternative therapies.

“We can discuss cannabis, and there has been a lot of discussion regarding its effects.” And a lot of the talk has been nasty,” Williams told TMZ after the premiere of Highsman.

“It’s fantastic to start talking about the good affects since that hasn’t been my experience.”

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