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Juice’d is a gift i have for all my friends that I know for sure are toking-heads. I am a girl who loves flowers, and I like to get them from the most beautiful places I can. I thought that it would be nice to give to all my friends, and to be honest, i have never seen flowers so beautiful. My friends usually get them from their local shops, but I think that gives them very little joy. And since I know for sure these are all toking-heads, they will probably appreciate them even more.

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CHANGE: Juicywana is renamed Juice’d!

Hello, my friends! As promised, your noble lord has returned from his distant travels to make a long overdue correction to one of my old and tedious reviews of the Initiative 71 delivery service called Juicywana. To their great satisfaction, they realized there was room for improvement and contacted me after the relaunch of JUICE’D to ask my opinion on the new gifts. I love the classic flowers I was able to try out. Okay, first of all, I have an alibi for what you think I did this week. I was in Miami! And I have 9,000 mosquito bites to prove it. Thank you Florida, now I have to go see if I have contracted the Zika virus, my seed is forever cursed like Cain’s, I am the unwitting originator of the microcephalic plague, only to stretch my legs for five minutes in your precious Everglades. I wisely retreated to the beach to do some CSI LARPing, but it turns out that a grown man in a cape and sunglasses talking about a massacre on the beach and listening to the Who on his phone is a bit of a turn-off for people in 2017, and the authorities urged me to take my odd game elsewhere. Oh, you don’t confirm it? No problem. By the way, I’d love to take Donald, but I don’t think our intelligence agencies will give him my phone records after his latest attempt at hara-kiri on what’s left of our beloved Lady Liberty’s dignity on the world stage. Can you imagine reminding a foreign head of state that the country you currently lead is subject to public eavesdropping? I almost fainted. My poor monocle unfortunately broke during the repair. Listen, Donno, we don’t always agree, but sir would give you and your entourage a few seats in his surprisingly spacious little Japanese car to run Meals on Wheels for the rest of the year. What a bunch of lies about the vets you wanted to take care of. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg that this week’s headlines suggest. I can’t even pick a favorite between the stolen eviction plans for Trump Tower that are still circulating, the refusal to apologize to Britain for unfounded accusations of wiretapping and collusion, or the former ambassador who went on Twitter to explain to the president of the United States how NATO works. No, wait, what if Ronald McDonald himself tells Orangie McBoatFace he can fuck off? Geez, Mergatroid, the amount of harassment is already beyond my sensitivity. Let’s move on to the buttons. There are no seeds in these JUICE’Ds, my friends, just impeccably grown, dense cones with enticing flavors from established programs like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies and one of my favorites, OG Kush. The sheaths are still fresh and covered in fine trichomes. The fact that the best expression of each of these varieties is always achieved is an excellent indication that the JUICE’D team succeeded at the right time. Not to mention that each one came in a bright green, odor-resistant metal pouch with the letters Juicy J and the name of the variety. Congratulations on packing so well. word-image-9096 Blue Dream Blue Dream is one of the strains I like, but it generally doesn’t help with anxiety enough to use as a daily remedy, so I save it for when I have nothing to do, although it’s too energetic to help me sleep. This particular flower is very pleasant and has a powerful vibration that makes up for what it lacks in relaxing the particular mental turbulence of your gentleman. The same strong mood correction makes it an equally good choice for social rounds or pulling out a worn, faded baseball made of friction and logos to drag your lazy ass to the next pitch and sprain your ankle while imitating twenty year old boys on TV. You bring only bricks, Grandpa! word-image-9097 SGR Their GSC was exemplary among the many variations of this variety I have tried. The resulting burst of energy is strong enough to make you want to take a nap. While I don’t necessarily have to sit on the couch, especially if there is coffee, I preferred to enjoy these cookies in the evening, when I could relax and enjoy the tunes or whistles, as we do justice. And I cried when I saw my favorite TV show, Workaholics, end after seven seasons of office shenanigans. word-image-9098 OG Kush But I’m still talking about OG Kush, and that’s why this joint, haha. Juicywana arrived with the perfection of the sea that many Tolkienists know and love. For me, this variety works on all levels, relieving daily fatigue, elevating my mood well beyond depression, and eliminating anxiety. Just what I need to get through the day, but with the mas fuerte to grab a few minutes of sleep. I could smoke this OG Kush all day, so I did and laughed out loud at my new favorite show reviewer. I mean, right? I’m living the guy’s life, so to speak, or he’s making some kind of joke out of my life, like Schrodinger’s butterfly or something. Recap. JUICE’D is luck. You should try it. I think you’ll be very pleased. Here’s a link to their website, and now you can follow them on Instagram too. I can’t wait to see what these tribes come up with! And, yes, the juice is still delicious.

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