First Marijuana Consumption Lounge in Illinois Opens

It’s not every day that an Illinois politician is singing the praises of marijuana. But that is exactly what Chicago Alderman Brendan Reilly is doing today, as he announced the opening of the first public recreational weed lounge in his ward, Chicago’s 39th Ward. Located at the former Chicago Coffee House at 1739 N. Clark Street in the city’s West Loop neighborhood, the Bud and Breakfast lounge features a reservoir of pot-friendly events, which include presentations from medical cannabis experts and yoga classes.

Today, the state of Illinois officially opened the nation’s irst legal marijuana consumption lounge in the small town of Fox Lake, Illinois. The lounge, located in the basement of a medical marijuana dispensary, will supply cannabis to people 21 and older, and will be free to the public. The lounge will be available to anyone over the age of 21, but will only be open to people who have a state issued medical marijuana card.

The Cannabis Club is one of the most unique places to hang out in Illinois. The building is a former strip club located on the south side of Chicago at 2725 S. Michigan Ave. The club offers a place for medical marijuana patients to consume their medicine.. Read more about consumption lounge license illinois and let us know what you think.

Lounge Smokers of marijuana in Southern Illinois may now do it legally in a new consumption lounge. The Luna Lounge, located in Sesser, Illinois, about 5 hours south of Chicago, was designed with marijuana smokers in mind.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois’ new recreational marijuana law allows cities to authorize marijuana consumption lounges for adults 21 and up, but only in licensed marijuana dispensaries or a “retail tobacco store,” which is defined as a store that earns 80% of its revenue from the sale of tobacco or smoking products.

“We’re offering a space to smoke cannabis, similar to a bar, but without the alcohol,” said Holly Roeder, owner of Luna Lounge.

Customers may buy CBD, pipes, rolling papers, and rent bongs for a $4.20 entrance charge. Bands, comedians, and board games will offer entertainment at Luna.

The mayor of Sesser said, “The response we’ve received has been extremely favorable.” “I don’t participate, but I’m going to come there and offer my support, just like any other new business.” I’m hoping they’ll have a knock-on effect and attract tourists to other companies. We’re hoping it will aid Sesser’s development.”

Photo credit: The Southern Illinoisan/I. Smith

As the state of Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana June 1, it’s a good time to take a look at what is happening in Chicago, the largest city in the Midwest and the fourth most populous in the entire United States. The city has become a place where people from all walks of life go to relax and enjoy a smoke of marijuana, and Chicago has become the epicenter of the cannabis industry.. Read more about luna lounge sesser il and let us know what you think.

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