FDA issues warning over misleading legal weed claims

The FDA has warned companies to stop making unsubstantiated claims about what cannabis can do, otherwise they could be charged with a felony. Many brands have taken issue with the warning and American consumers are still left without clear information on what is allowed in terms of health claims.

The “is weed legal in washington” is a question that has been asked for years. The FDA has issued a warning about the misleading claims that are being made by some companies.

FDA issues warning over misleading legal weed claims



The FDA is worried about unsubstantiated health claims and packaging that appeals to minors.

Companies marketing goods containing delta-8 THC, a cannabis component, have been warned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for making unfounded claims about the products’ health benefits.

The FDA said that despite the lack of study on delta-8 THC, a component present in the cannabis sativa plant, internet vendors and cafés are claiming that products containing the chemical can assist with anxiety and sleeping.

Delta-8 may give people a “high,” but it comes from the same portion of the marijuana plant as CBD, a non-psychoactive and legal ingredient, therefore its legality is ambiguous.

The FDA sent warning letters to five firms – ATLRx, BioMD Plus, Delta 8 Hemp, Kingdom Harvest, and M Six Labs – for allegedly making fraudulent claims regarding delta-8’s advantages.

“The FDA is particularly concerned about the rising popularity of delta-8 THC products being offered online and in shops around the country,” said FDA deputy commissioner Janet Woodcock. “Some of the food items are packed and labeled in ways that may appeal to youngsters, which is highly concerning.”

The FDA’s crackdown on delta-8 comes at a time when marijuana laws, which remain federally prohibited, are in flux. There is a fresh drive in Congress, led by members from both parties, to allow cannabis companies to utilize banking services, which would be a huge step in establishing their legality throughout the United States.

Cannabis shops are forced to trade in cash because to the federal prohibition, making them a target for robbery.

“Right now, this is a cash-only operation.” It’s risky for the workers,” Murray, a member of the Senate conference committee in charge of the bill’s final form, told the Hill. “The customers are in risk, and it can be rectified.”

The American Bankers Association is urging Congress to pass a separate bill that would allow financial services to cannabis businesses, stating that this would help decrease crime and raise tax revenue. Senator Steve Daines, a Republican, expressed confidence that such a measure would get the necessary votes from both Republicans and Democrats.

The US House of Representatives approved a measure decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level last month. It has yet to be voted on in the Senate, and Joe Biden has refused to endorse it, despite promising to support legalization of marijuana users during his presidential campaign.

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