Could, Inc Be the Next Big Marijuana Stock?

Earlier this month the Seattle Times ran a story about the legal marijuana industry in Washington. As you may know, Washington is one of the few states in the country that has legalized the possession and cultivation of marijuana for recreational use. While the industry is on the rise, the article suggests that it is still not a big business just yet.

In the past, marijuana stocks have done well in the stock market, but have been met with some serious backlash. This year, some people are predicting that marijuana stocks could be the next big thing in the stock market.


AMZN stock may become the next big bank stock, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is known as a company that does it all. From diapers to tech gadgets and fitness equipment to groceries, there’s virtually nothing Amazon’s promotions don’t affect. So it stands to reason that if marijuana becomes legal across the U.S. (or rather, if it becomes legal),, Inc. will try to capitalize on hundreds of millions of dollars of e-commerce opportunities. So the question is whether AMZN stock could be a good way to participate in the growing marijuana market. Well, yes and no. Buying and delivering marijuana online will take off in the United States if the drug is legalized at the federal level. While there is some concern about buying marijuana online in Canada, this trend is likely to change as people become accustomed to legal marijuana. And as this sector grows, more and more people will turn to marijuana delivery services, creating a huge opportunity for e-commerce service providers. Since no company is more involved in e-commerce than, Inc. chances are the company will begin shipping cannabis as soon as it is legally authorized to do so. The question is, of course, what the legislation will look like when it is finally adopted. Will marijuana be supplied exclusively by the state or by certain specialized suppliers? I doubt it, but it’s possible. If not, it’s likely that Amazon will get into the marijuana delivery business. Will this be a big boon for Amazon stock? Not really., Inc. is valued at over $1 trillion, so the potential billions of dollars from marijuana sales won’t have too much of an impact on AMZN’s stock price, but should still contribute to the increase. So yes, Amazon stock has the potential to benefit from the legalization of marijuana in the US, but it remains to be seen to what extent. Nevertheless,, Inc. has the potential to dominate the marijuana delivery market. If the company becomes a major player in this space, we will see at least a modest increase in AMZN’s share price. But why was I talking about Amazon and marijuana stocks in the first place? What’s the connection? Dear Readers,, Inc. recently released a statement in support of the legalization of marijuana in the United States. And because we know this issue goes beyond Amazon, our public policy team will actively support the Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment and Spending Act of 2021 (MORE Act), a federal bill that would legalize marijuana on a federal level, lift criminal records and invest in affected communities, wrote Dave Clark, executive director of Amazon Worldwide Consumer. (Source: Cannabis Stocks Rally After Amazon Endorses Legalization, MarketWatch, June 2, 2021)., Inc – is a huge company that only does things it thinks are good for its shareholders. So it doesn’t make sense to casually advocate for the legalization of marijuana unless the company sees a long-term benefit. Maybe I’m making a prediction, but Amazon’s support of marijuana legalization can only be good for marijuana stocks, even if the company doesn’t plan to profit from the marijuana market (which, again, is highly unlikely). If it can be assumed that, Inc. made its announcement for a reason, then it follows that Amazon has a financial interest in the legalization of marijuana in the United States. This is very important. Few companies – if any – have as much political influence as Amazon. Just look at the zeal with which politicians across the country have lobbied for the establishment of mega-corporations in their cities by offering obscenely wealthy companies huge tax breaks. In addition, the CEO of, Inc. Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world, and this fabulous wealth allows him to make a big impact. Just look at the latest major contract his space company recently signed with the US government. I’m not saying it’s all about political influence, but you can say that Bezos has at least some influence over politicians. Finally, it should be noted that Bezos owns the newspaper The Washington Post. While he claims to be editorially neutral as an owner, it’s not hard to imagine a world where politicians don’t want to get in trouble with this guy. If Bezos and, Inc. continue to voice their support for the legalization of marijuana in the U.S., it may not be enough to break the political dinosaurs, but it will certainly give weight to legalization efforts.


However you look at this story, it can only be good news for the marijuana industry and, by extension, for marijuana stock investors. While a statement does not indicate how involved, Inc. will be in the fight for marijuana legalization, the fact that the company has expressed support for legalization is a good sign. If you see Amazon as the next big marijuana stock, I don’t necessarily want to dissuade you from that idea (AMZN stock could indeed benefit from legalization), but it’s worth noting that the marijuana delivery business is unlikely to make Amazon successful. Instead, it will simply complement the already dominant business.

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