Colorado Senate Passes Bill to Legalize MDMA Prescriptions

The bill would allow physicians to prescribe the drug and patients to have a safe way of obtaining it. This follows recent legalization in some states with reduced price for consumers, which could be an incentive for more people to use this substance long-term. The ultimate goal is not only provide relief from pain but also reducing opioid overdose deaths.

Colorado’s state Senate overwhelmingly adopted a measure legalizing MDMA prescriptions on Friday. However, there is one key stipulation in the bill: MDMA prescriptions would not be permitted unless the federal government permits its usage.

One of the bill’s key backers, Sen. John Cooke (R), underlined how the bill would benefit individuals in the state suffering from PTSD: “Our military, our law enforcement, our first responders…are suffering from PTSD—and [MDMA] has a wonderful success record thus far.”


While the bill’s passage was a significant success for proponents of psychedelic treatment in the state, there have been some subsequent setbacks. Colorado’s House of Representatives rejected a measure earlier this month that would have established a psychedelic review panel to research psilocybin and DMT, among other chemicals. The panel would then have been able to suggest changes to psychedelic policy.

The MDMA measure in Colorado is now on its way to Governor Jared Polis’ desk, where it is anticipated to be signed into law. Following that, the FDA is expected to authorize MDMA-assisted treatment as early as 2023. As a result, Colorado citizens may not have to wait long to start applying for MDMA prescriptions.

What are your thoughts on Colorado’s MDMA legislation? Would you want to see a measure like this passed in your state? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Gary Miller is an actor, writer, director, comedian, and businessman. Gary, a Veriheal Media Curator, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.

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