Chicago Cannabis Company opens first co-op store in Lincoln Park

At the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, a co-op cannabis dispensary was created with the intent to provide access to medicinal marijuana at affordable prices. The store has been open less than two months and is already seeing a busy customer base who needs their daily fix.

Chicago Cannabis Company opens first co-op store in Lincoln Park

According to co-owner Nicollette Rodriguez, Chicago Cannabis Company has “items for every degree of cannabis usage, from connoisseur to consumers experiencing cannabis for the first time.”

Nicollette Rodriguez was working as a bilingual high school teacher when she created Chicago Cannabis Company with co-owner Tom Gliszewski in 2018. She began using CBD to cope with stress.

Rodriguez said, “It definitely enhanced my quality of life.”

“Because teaching is a demanding profession, CBD has helped me sleep better at night and organize my thoughts and plans.” It completely changed my life.”

Now, with Chicago Cannabis Company’s first brick-and-mortar location at 2501 N. Halsted St., Rodriguez and Gliszewski aim to help others find the same benefits of CBD and other cannabis products.

“I realized this is something that many people, not just teachers, can benefit from,” Rodriguez said.

“I made it my personal goal to educate more people about the [benefits of CBD and other cannabis products].”


From cannabinoid-infused tinctures to candies, Chicago Cannabis Company has something for everyone.

According to Rodriguez, Chicago Cannabis Company specializes in CBD cannabis extracts and other cannabinoid-infused goods such as candies, seltzers, and other beverages.

According to Rodriguez, the infused drinks are manufactured in collaboration with the locally owned Marz Community Brewing Company.

After the passing of the Farm Bill, which legalized cannabis with less than.3% THC, Rodriguez and Gliszewski began injecting cannabinoids — the molecules contained in cannabis that generate the plant’s intended effects — in 2018.

Gliszewski’s parents had also migrated to Colorado, the first state to allow cannabis usage and sales, so he had direct experience with the industry’s potential if it were to grow to other states.

Since then, they’ve constructed a factory on the West Side and infused everything from spicy sauce to chocolate to honey.

Rodriguez said, “We’re extremely open to cooperating and working with other small company entrepreneurs.”

Drew Schneider has joined the pair as a third co-owner to assist them grow into the cannabis sector. Chicago Cannabis Company is run as a co-op, which means that its employees are also its proprietors.

“We came from low roots, so operating in the cannabis market needed a lot of imagination and inventiveness,” Rodriguez said.

“For us, establishing a co-op made sense, and the principles of co-ops, such as responsibility and collaboration, have been critical to our success.”

Visitors may choose from a selection of oils, vapes, and flowers containing cannabinoids like as CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, in addition to infused items.

“One of our main goals is to display the cannabis plant in its totality,” Rodriguez said.

“And we have products for every degree of cannabis usage, from connoisseur to first-time cannabis users.”

Rodriguez said that cannabis education is “at the forefront” of Chicago Cannabis Company’s aim. In 2019, the team hosted Hemp Summit, which included courses such as Cannabis 101, infusion workshops, and grow-your-own lectures from cannabis professionals from throughout the state.

More seminars will be available shortly, according to Gliszewski.

Rodriguez added, “We’re extremely pleased to have a store now where we can continue to provide those lessons for folks in the cannabis industry and beyond.”

The Chicago Cannabis Company is open from 12pm until 8pm. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday.


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