Cannabis-Friendly Weddings Are Becoming All the Rage

The cannabis industry is booming, and weddings are the latest trend to take off. Guests can purchase a starter kit for their wedding that includes everything they need to get high at the reception. Cannabis-friendly weddings have been around since the 1970s, but it’s only recently that this has become a popular trend.

The small wedding ideas is a trend that has been catching on. Cannabis-friendly weddings are becoming all the rage because of the legalization of marijuana in many states, which makes it easier for couples to tie the knot with their cannabis-laced honeymoon planned.

Do you need further proof that the stigma around cannabis is dissipating? Look no farther than the fact that cannabis weddings are becoming more popular. According to the Aspen Times, people are no longer sneaking off to dark corners for a short toke at weddings, but are instead attending weddings that have deliberately planned to include cannabis in the celebration. I’m not sure about you, but I’m really looking forward to attending my first cannabis-friendly wedding. 

After legalization and the debut of the Cannabis Wedding Expo (CWE) in 2015, the phrase “cannabis wedding” gained popularity. Philip Wolf, co-founder of CWE, started exhibiting in Denver and has now grown to include yearly events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Toronto, and San Francisco. 

The CWE is the first of its kind, showcasing cannabis goods designed specifically for weddings and providing cannabis enthusiasts with the opportunity to network with wedding industry experts who can help them plan beautiful nuptials that incorporate cannabis. 

The following are upcoming Cannabis Wedding Expos:

Canna-Weddings are gaining popularity. 

CWE was featured in Brides, The Guardian, Fortune, The New York Times, and even Vogue, among other commercial and popular publications. If this doesn’t convince you that cannabis’s negative reputation has been substantially reduced, I don’t know what would. According to Vogue, the fact that cannabis is being seen at even the “most typically conservative gatherings” shows that “the stigma around its usage continues to fade.” 

Cannabis has become the new moneymaker in the wedding business, according to a Bloomberg report, and couples are increasingly integrating cannabis into their weddings, particularly legal areas like Colorado and California. According to Bloomberg, the legalization of cannabis has resulted in the establishment of “all kinds of cannabis-laden businesses, from dinner service to vacation packages.” 

Bec Koop, from Irie Wedding & Events and co-founder of CWE, explained to Bloomberg that she had booked nearly two dozen canna-weddings by the end of 2017 for that year alone. Koop went on to explain that the early days of cannabis legalization were challenging as only 10% of venues would accommodate for cannabis, but now she is regularly contacted by venues to be placed on her preferred vendor’s list. 


In lieu of alcohol, cannabis is served.

Providing cannabis at a wedding reception is similar to serving alcohol, according to Adrian Sedlin, chief executive officer of Canndescent. Except that “it’s really cheaper than booze” and “you get a lot more high for your money with cannabis than with alcohol.” However, according to Bloomberg, there are a few legal snags to providing cannabis at weddings in the same way that alcohol is served. This includes the fact that you will very certainly be prohibited from tipping the budtenders by the law, and that the wedding host should officially provide the marijuana to the server as a “gift.” 

“A lot of people feel that alcohol may take away from gatherings because people might overconsume, it might not be as pleasant or someone could create a problem, or heaven forbid something worse,” Wolf said, adding that “you really don’t have that danger with cannabis.” 

How Can Marijuana Be Used at Weddings?

From wedding invites to decorations and favors… As a consequence of the stoner stereotypes, guests of cannabis weddings may expect to see cannabis integrated in more sophisticated ways than one would anticipate. Guests shouldn’t be shocked if the bride and groom use a bong or even a blunt to commemorate the day they became husband and wife. These bongs are usually gorgeous glass bongs with stunning patterns that make for spectacular pictures. A separate table or bar with different pre-rolls and flowers on display and in glass jars is also possible. Some couples even give their guests pre-rolls as wedding favors. 

The iconic cannabis leaf may also be seen in bouquets, on walls, and even in the water of a glass jar with a floating candle. Glass bongs of various heights have even been used as centerpieces at weddings. Potted baby cannabis plants, sweets, and D-I-Y cannabis growing kits are among the other wedding treats. To be honest, the options for integrating cannabis are limitless, and they’re quite simple to accomplish while yet being elegant.

Consider the following:

The Situation

  • Be open and honest with the venue about your intentions. 
  • Consider vaping instead of smoking joints, since venues may be more accepting of this less-obtrusive form of consumption. 
  • Once both sides have agreed on conditions, get your agreement with the venue in writing. 

The Practice of Consumption

  • Consider if alternative modes of consumption might be more suited to your venue’s location and proximity. A wedding on a big outside plane, for example, would be ideal for all types of smoking and consuming, while one in a barn may not be enough ventilated to prevent hot-boxing or harming those who don’t want to be exposed to second-hand smoke. 
  • Offer a variety of amounts and low-potency goods to guarantee that individuals who don’t normally consume or don’t want to risk eating too much have options. 
  • Provide a range of edibles (cakes, lollipops, bonbons, etc. ), smoking (blunts, bongs, vapes, etc. ), and even a novelty like cannabis-infused wine for consumption. 

The Deliverance 

  • Perhaps locating the cannabis bar apart from other celebrations to guarantee that underage visitors do not drink anything by mistake and that disinterested people are not impacted. 
  • To prevent any confusion or misunderstandings, consider packing in a straightforward and basic manner. 

The Aspen Times ended with a well-spoken remark from Wolf. According to the remark, “the beauty of the plant and consuming techniques” is “one of the greatest evolutions I’ve witnessed over the last six years,” and “the development of drinks and gadgets has given people more choices that are accessible for new customers.” When Wolf stated “the beauty of the plant,” I thought he was describing what’s going on with cannabis at weddings perfectly, and I can’t wait to see more adornment of my beloved plant. 


Chane Leigh, nicknamed The Bud Fairy, is a cannabis advocate and enthusiast from South Africa with a fiery personality and a desire to travel. She enjoys educating others and challenging social conventions.

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