Can Marijuana Worsen A Mental Illness?

As marijuana laws have softened across the USA, more and more people are eating marijuana edibles and smoking marijuana to get their high. Although research has shown that marijuana does not lead to mental illness or worsen mental illness, it does seem that people who are already mentally ill are eating marijuana more, which makes it more likely that they will have a mental illness.

Yes, marijuana can worsen a mental illness. We know that marijuana and schizophrenia have a link, but does that mean it always worsens the disease? It’s not that simple. Some schizophrenics find a legal form of marijuana helps them cope with their symptoms, while others feel the opposite.

In the past few years, American attitudes toward marijuana have undergone a dramatic shift, due to legalization in several states. Some people are using it to treat a variety of physical and mental ailments, while others use it for recreational purposes. The latter is an issue that deserves more attention, especially from the perspective of a mental health professional.. Read more about can cbd cause psychosis and let us know what you think.

Marijuana usage offers a number of clinically established health advantages. These may be as basic as assisting users with relaxation or as complicated as treating chronic pain or increasing hunger. There’s a lot we don’t know about marijuana, particularly when it comes to its bad side effects; apart from red eyes and the odd episode of psychosis, does it make mental illnesses worse?

Although there isn’t much proof or rigorous study, several studies have shown connections between marijuana usage and mental health issues including depression and psychosis.

People who smoke significant quantities of marijuana on a daily basis are five times more likely than others to develop psychosis, according to studies, with the age at which marijuana is first taken and the individual’s genetic vulnerabilities playing a role.

Little Evidence Exists That Marijuana Alleviates Mental Health Symptoms, Review Finds

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While these studies aren’t particularly helpful for everyday marijuana users, they do indicate a relationship between marijuana use and mental health issues, but this does not mean one causes the other. While marijuana may induce hallucinations and paranoia on occasion, these effects disappear once the substance has worn off.

People who use marijuana to relieve chronic pain are more likely to develop despair and anxiety, according to a Washington State University study. The study contacted 150 people who had used marijuana to treat a chronic illness and inquired about their experiences.

“It seems that when individuals have depression and anxiety and use cannabis on top of that, they have greater unfavorable outcomes,” said Marian Wilson, the study’s main investigator. “Is it because individuals with depression and anxiety are more likely to use cannabis in ways that aren’t therapeutic, or is it because people with depression and anxiety are more likely to use cannabis in ways that aren’t therapeutic?”

Study Says Cannabis Use Is Not Linked To Loss Of Motivation

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More study is required to get a better picture, but it’s becoming more obvious that individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses are more prone to use marijuana. According to Dr. Daniel K. Hall-Flavin of the Mayo Clinic, “some individuals with depression may use marijuana as a method to disconnect from their depressed symptoms.” “As a consequence of the drug’s dulling effects on sensations and emotions, heavy users may seem depressed.”

Marijuana and mental health seem to be linked, with the connection varying from good to negative depending on the person, their genes, and the frequency with which they take the drug. Still, it’s doubtful that using marijuana on occasion or on a frequent basis would exacerbate a condition that is being treated and managed by mental health experts.

The question of whether marijuana use worsens a mental illness grows more important as it is recognized that one in five regular marijuana users suffer from a mental illness; a percentage that is almost five times higher than that of the general population. The short answer is that it depends. The drug can trigger psychotic episodes, but it does not appear to worsen schizophrenia, for example. Still, the potential for marijuana to worsen mental illness has long been an open question.. Read more about cannabinoids for the treatment of mental disorders and let us know what you think.

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