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You may have seen the famous BudBox DC, in which a BudBox is placed inside a box to simulate the “bud” in a joint and produce a smoke-like effect. Think of the BudBox as a smoke machine that can also be used to smoke herbs. It is a great device for smoking flower and is one of the first mods I purchased.

The first time I had a mind-altering substance was at the age of 15. It was a joint. I had got it from a friend of mine who had just been arrested for selling it. The first time I tried it I was hooked. Everything changed. It seemed like the world was brighter, the stars were brighter, the sky was brighter, and the world was somehow better. The first time I got high, I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned that my mind can get off on things. I learned that my mind can separate from me and wander into other worlds. I learned that there are certain things that I enjoy about life. I learned that I liked to have fun. I learned that I like to be

BudBox DC is one of the newest subscription box services for cannabis enthusiasts and the brainchild of Chief Grover of Alternative Solutions, the top-selling medicinal marijuana producer in Washington, DC. I’ve already discussed a few of their strains that I really liked, like Grapefruit Krush, Cheese, and here’s a sweaty video of me trying to get dressed in a hot studio to talk about Green Love Potion. Ugh. I thought I’d cleaned that up. It doesn’t matter! Joey Lewis enters this competitive market by focusing on practical tools for everyday smoking and vaping at a very affordable price. With BudBox DC, you never receive the same box twice, so instead of receiving one box of the month, you receive them back-to-back. Judging by the first box your lordship received for review, the contents are worth far more than the subscription price of $15/month (which includes shipping, gaaaaand). word-image-9105 GET 20% OFF AT BUDBOXDC WITH MY CODE TOKER! First, I got a nice t-shirt from Alternative Solutions. Light blue is my favorite. How do you know that? I mean, it’s your fifteen bucks, but there’s also a carb cap (which could easily cost more than $15 at the head shop) and a dashing, custom glass lube made by Glass Flo Art out of Frederick, Maryland. Look at this beauty! And functional, as the large disc in the middle serves as a stopper for the charcoal, and the glass mouthpiece works well. I was able to rip some of them without sending pieces, and pick up softer wax without any problem. word-image-9107 Apart from these basic elements, the BudBox DC does its job very well. There are two packs of 1-1/4 RAW size roll paper, two different colored BIC lighters (okay, because if they’re identical, it’s easy to forget which one is currently in circulation), a few pre-rolled empty horns in doob tubes, a small spool of hemp to hold your bowls, a container of silicone wax, an Alternative Solutions brand glass compact (to hold your concentrate when it’s on a folded sheet of parchment paper or like, your makeup, I guess?), and a five-pack of natural, tobacco-free salad leaves. The only thing I find missing from this first box are some tips for regular papers and SuperLeafs, an easily forgiven omission considering the amount of good stuff in it. word-image-9109 If you want to give your favorite stoner a gift that will make him happy all year long, Gentleman highly recommends BudBox DC. Plus, you get a sense of accomplishment when you support small businesses! Do you need another reason? You can also get 20% off by using my code TOKER! It’s a win-win-win situation! Subscribe to my newsletter and I will love you forever and ever, like a vampire daddy.

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