Bright Green Corp. To Begin Trading

Bright Green Corp. (CSE: BGC) is a vertically integrated cannabis company that has been in development since October of 2016 and aspires to become the world’s top-ranked cultivator, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality medicinal marijuana products for both domestic and international markets.

Bright Green Corp. is a company that focuses on cannabis and hemp products, and they are to begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Their stock symbol is “BGC”. Read more in detail here: bright green corporation stock symbol.

Bright Green Corp. To Begin Trading

Bright Green Corporation (BGXX)

Bright Green Corporation (BGXX) is one of the few firms that has gained conditional clearance from the DEA to cultivate federally authorized cannabis for research purposes, according to a newly filed S-1A. As a consequence, the business anticipates listing its common stock on Nasdaq on or around May 12, 2022.

“Unlike state-licensed cannabis companies that engage in commercial sales to consumers and whose businesses are legal under state law but not federal law, we will operate legally under all applicable laws and be authorized by the federal government to sell cannabis commercially for research and manufacturing purposes, export cannabis for international cannabis research purposes, and sell cannabis to DEA-registered pharmaceutical companies for the purposes of research and development,” according to the company. We want to concentrate on the creation of cannabis strains and the selling of goods with high levels of CBN and CBG (cannabigerol). We also want to market cannabis-derived CBN and CBG to customers if and when federal legislation permits.”

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