Australian Research On Cannabis Entourage Effect

What effect does the cannabis plant have on the brain? Recently, the scientists at the University of Sydney have been making a new discovery. The scientist have found that the impact of cannabis on the brain is less compared to other medicines. The scientists have published their research in the journal Nature. The scientists have found that the effects of cannabis in our body is less compared to the other medicines.

A recent report in the Australian media (ABC News), a study has recently been published in the Journal of Pain Research that shows the effects of the entourage effect of cannabis with various other pain medicines. Based on this, a study was done at the University of Sydney to test whether cannabis was more effective than other medications at treating chronic pain.

The “Entourage Effect” is a powerful principle used by organic chemists ever since the 1920’s. The principle states that the chemical composition of a compound is determined by the chemical composition of its component parts. In other words, “What you get is what you get”.. Read more about full-spectrum entourage effect and let us know what you think.



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In a recent review of the research on the entourage effect, I have noticed that many studies only examine one cannabinoid and only study a single molecule of cannabis. This makes it very hard to reach any conclusions about the effects of entourage.. Read more about how to get the entourage effect and let us know what you think.

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