Arizona Marijuana Farm Gets State-of-the-art Equipment for Making Extracts

The new “state-of-the-art” cannabis extraction equipment at a 420-friendly Arizona marijuana farm, is a new kind of a high-tech machine that’s going to revolutionize the way hundreds of thousands of marijuana users make their own pot extracts. And of course, this new cannabis extraction equipment is going to make the top Reddit list of “things that are illegal in Arizona that are awesome.”

The Arizona Marijuana Farm, which has been working to get medical marijuana approved through the state’s voters, has been given permission to grow up to 6,000 plants to produce extracts that are made up of the chemical compounds that are not found in the growing plants themselves. This is a very important step for those that need medical marijuana because it will enable the Arizona Marijuana Farm to produce extracts that are more effective and safer than they currently receive from other sources.

On May 14th, the Arizona Department of Agriculture announced that it had awarded a grant to a marijuana farm in Safford, Arizona, to purchase ultra-high-speed industrial equipment, which will help the farm make its edibles. The grant was awarded to Greenleaf Compassionate Care Centers, Inc., which produces marijuana-infused products.. Read more about used extraction equipment for sale and let us know what you think.

Extracts Arizona

A new hydrocarbon extraction lab has been built at Copperstate Farms’ cultivation site in Snowflake, Arizona. The layout includes cutting-edge cannabis technology and equipment, enabling the business to increase its extraction and manufacturing techniques.

Copperstate Farms’ Director of Extraction, Zach Brown, has supervised the construction of large-scale hydrocarbon extraction machinery that extracts live resin concentrations from fresh frozen cannabis plants using n-butane, n-propane, and mixes of butane and propane. The business has expanded its highly skilled lab staff, adding four C1D1 technicians to guarantee continuous extraction operations, as a result of these significant systems.

“With the addition of the new hydrocarbon lab, we are better able to meet the growing needs of the adult-use cannabis industry. Brown said, “We’ve integrated a THCA isolate or ‘diamond’ manufacturing technique into our systems and created additional SKUs, including a live resin cartridge.”

Copperstate Farms finished construction in Spring 2021 and gained permission to open, adding 1000 square feet of highly specialized lab space devoted to the creation of live resin products.

The hydrocarbon lab’s launch is part of Copperstate Farms’ broader cultivation expansion strategy, which includes ambitions to increase the company’s production footprint to 80 acres of glass greenhouses. Aside from its growing facilities, the business runs four Sol Flower shops and sells a variety of cannabis products, including Copperstate and Good Things Coming.

Copperstate Farms co-founder and Managing Director Fife Symington said, “Our main goal was to expand our concentrate options and continue to provide quality and consistency throughout our house concentrate brands and wholesale customers.” “To improve our extraction procedures and workflow, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology and world-class talent.”


Back in June, the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) announced that it would be awarding 3 Marijuana Growing permits for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The permits were intended to be awarded to 3 applicants who met the physical and physical environmental requirements of the state, and had the best plan to produce the highest quality marijuana. The “Acquisition of advanced equipment” was one of the most talked about topics among applicants, because the state of Arizona is asking the applicants to demonstrate the highest level of sophistication in the whole industry.. Read more about apothecary extracts oklahoma and let us know what you think.

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