Alternative Solutions Bud Rosin – Trick or Treat?

If you’ve heard of Bud Rosin, then you’re probably familiar with the legal highs movement. However, before you run out and buy some of these products from a head shop or dispensary, be aware that they could be potentially dangerous. (After all, they’re not regulated.) With this in mind, you may want to try a safer alternative like Bud Rosin, which is a solvent-free concentrate made from trim and bud from the cannabis plant. While it can be consumed in many different ways, the most popular method is dabbing, which involves dropping a small amount of Bud Rosin on a hot nail and inhaling the vapor.

It’s Halloween, and you have the chance to go out and party with your friends. You’ve been invited to three different events, one that is trick or treat, another is called “the costume party”, and the last one is called “the rave”. You’ve been invited to all three, so you can go to all of them, but you’re not sure which one to go to. Well, the one that should be attended is the “trick or treat” party, since it’s the only one that is legal.

If you’re afraid of getting hooked on narcotic painkillers, you may want to consider marijuana as an alternative for pain relief. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that patients who used medical weed for back pain, muscle spasms, and other conditions reported that the drug helped them manage their pain. Many of these patients are now weaning themselves off opiates; some of them even claim it works better than pain medication. Blogs like this one offer stories and discussions about these kinds of issues, as well as information on other alternative solutions.

(Alternative Solutions gave me some new Goji OG and Blue Cheese sugar cones to try out, and if you’re a nasty person whose love of horror and candy was surgically removed along with the rest of your memories from a dodgy Canadian weapons program to make you the perfect super soldier or something, my condolences, bub, you can skip the post Dr. Horrible section to see what I think of these products. For everyone else, I recommend a Halloween story by Gentleman Necromancer)! The cold has entered the autumn air like a vacuum, sucking up the last vestiges of summer heat until every drop has been sucked away and only winter remains.  Two weeks ago the big harvest took place.  The villagers celebrated with dances, masquerades, and debauchery; I alone, in the depths of the forest, participated in the Tome rituals necessary to collect and distill the intertwined and manic energies of the moon and man. When my curse revealed itself, my masters placed me in Crone as an apprentice.  She lived on the edge, and for that reason, but especially because of her husks, her tonics, she was tolerated as long as the harvest was plentiful.  Through his guidance, I learned the power of seasons, transitions and intervals.  She taught me about birth, death, and the veiled acceleration that completes the cycle. But in my sixteenth summer there was a drought, and the elders came to talk to my teacher about what to do when the God to whom they were calling was deaf and dumb.  How fickle creatures men are, how weak in spirit! To my eternal shame, they pushed me over before they reached the cottage. My landlady told me to take precautions, but in my carefree youth they noticed me talking to Quiet when I thought I was alone. Fear turned to guilt like a spark to a flame, and as I fled into exile, the good woman of the moon was bound on a stake and burned. Without blinking my eyes, I looked through the forest owl’s eye at her pervasive panic disguised as piety. Unable to save Crona or even utter words of contrition, a predatory tangle called anger wrapped itself around my heart. Years have passed since that night. As I roamed the ossuaries and underground chambers, collecting the bones of murderers from the gallows and making power deals with strange, hellish creatures, they forgot about me. The rains came again, as they always do, and the cattle swarmed the blood-stained fields. Today they will remember what I never forgot. word-image-14359-rotated Blue cheese Bad Rosin The thirteen bodies I brought into this grove aligned with the secret constellations I had observed from the banks of the Styx.  Eight eight runes were cast, as prescribed by the ancient, oozing shadow I had freed from its prison of ice.  The black cauldron hissed and gurgled in anticipation.  The hourglass showed the time – ten past seven.  I pulled from my bag the two potions I had taken from Seraphim’s shrine. The Enochian inscriptions are GOJI and BLU ECH IZE. I must admit I was a little shaky during the inspection.  The scrolls describe the blessed resin as golden and fragrant with the aromas of the flora of lost Eden.  It would be more accurate to say that these alternatives look like dull, brownish copper with dark spots here and there.  There is a slight smell as you approach it.  But no earthly solvent has tainted this sacred indica oil, and I’ve made it this far, so I add a drop of Blu Ech Ize to the kettle and inhale the steam deeply.  I taste the old flowers from which it was pressed, a milky aroma with a pleasant faint hint of spice, but it’s a little muted.  A supernatural calm settles over me, gently uniting my darker passions into a single act of unnatural will that will tear the tight veil that separates this world from the other for now. My hands moved in harmony with my own shadow, our voices joined in an inhuman language, and the Others joined us.  The presence of a dark and sinister choir confirms my resolve. A vengeful glee runs through the clan, a wild, desperate cackling that turns to ecstasy as the bone-armed onyx gate flickers between us.  Their hunger overwhelms me, and I feel the hunger pains with redoubled force as the shadows stare at me, their black, fat tongues over their strangely protruding fangs.  Power always requires sacrifice.  I can’t wait any longer and nod slightly. word-image-14360-rotated Goji OG Bud Resin My brave golem Fritz steps forward and grabs a burning knife from the flames. Wordlessly, mechanically, he clamps his metal hand over my mouth to keep my screams from prematurely whipping the demons into a frenzy, and stares tightly at my neck. He pushed the knife gently, lifelessly, up and inside, and my skull burned.  My body fights on its own, futile against the steel grip of the golem.  The pain of having my left eye removed is both excruciating and unreal, and my consciousness is divided between the assembled people.  We watch in fascination as the weak, fleshy creature trembles in fear until the soulless automaton finally completes its task. The creature resists, Yesssss, but takes the sweet morsel from his hand, the promise of future food, Yesssss, and gives it to Usssss….. Distracted by the shadows, I pull myself together, take a goji and inhale deeply the sweet, peppery aroma.  The sativa resin immediately restores focus and mental strength, and I continue my spell, forming sigils and ignoring my empty, rusty frame.  I hear the screams of the damned chained to the door, but the intoxicating scent of goji propels me on.  Fear didn’t stop me, nor did the necrosis that was rapidly spreading beyond the wound, requiring another piece of flesh and spirit to open the door….. To summon an army of rabid undead…. and satisfy their unholy appetite for living flesh on Halloween night. Nice stuff.  Let’s stop this nonsense and talk about taxes on copper.  At $90 per gram, the price of the resin nugget available in pharmacies is still too high.  At this price it must be artisanal hash, golden with an aroma that fills the room when you open the paper.  Nevertheless, it is a significant improvement over their resin, for a slightly higher price.  It’s completely stable and you get every drop you paid for. I could definitely taste both colors they were pressed from, as I am very familiar with both types of Alternative Solutions, but the taste wasn’t quite pure. But because it’s resin, there are no solvents, so at worst you get plant material.  Again, this is not at all like the predominant taste of chlorophyll in resin. In fact, both work wonderfully – I found blue cheese to be a very interesting calm that fit perfectly into my emotional matrix rather than overpowering it.  It will whet the appetite like a bunch of rabid devils, so bring snacks.  Blue Cheese resin is relaxing enough to help you fall asleep if you’re already exhausted, but it won’t render you unconscious during the day.  I highly recommend trying it if you suffer from emotional swings.  Goji is heady, energetic and focused, and while I don’t feel like my mind is racing with this sativa, I don’t feel a strong mental barrier to anxiety either.  I recommend it if you have work to do, something to keep you busy, not relaxing under Netflix. Overall, the resin for cones is a good product.  This is a good thing for DC medicinal marijuana patients who don’t want to risk the grey market, as the cost per gram of a good concentrate has dropped from $150 to $90, so for the umpteenth time in DC MMJ history, the alternatives are coming to the rescue (you can always spend the extra money on a Holistic Remedies concentrate if you’re a fool). If you go into the grey market, you will of course find much better prices, but often little choice and especially no consistency in the varieties available.  In pharmacies, you can buy resin from Alternative Solutions in a variety of flavors. So if, like me, you find some varieties very beneficial and others unhealthy, reliability may cost you more. So it’s trick-or-treating?  Well, both. There is room for improvement in quality and certainly room to raise the price, but I am happy to report that the supply of concentrates in the medical program has become much less daunting with this product on the shelf.  I’ll definitely be looking forward to the Midnight and Pineapple Skunk flavors when my zombie horde raids the land of the living. Mwahahaha!It’s a commonly held belief that marijuana is just a substitute for the real thing, but the reality is that bud rosin is one of the most versatile materials on the market. Indeed, the smoke is not the only way to unlock the plant’s medicinal potential. The results of a recent experiment conducted by a research team at the University of Washington in Seattle suggest that the resin from marijuana plants can be used to create an effective, natural painkiller.. Read more about flower rosin vs hash rosin and let us know what you think.

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