4 Things To Know About How It Affects The Brain

The brain is an incredibly complicated organ, and can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. Here are a few things you need to know about cannabis and the effects it has on your brain.

The “facts about brain memory” is a blog post that discusses 4 things to know about how cannabis affects the brain.

4 Things To Know About How It Affects The Brain



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The “24 brain facts” is a blog post that provides 4 things to know about how cannabis affects the brain. The blog post also includes a list of references with more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 4 things the brain does?

A: The brain does many things such as: controls movement, regulates body temperature and blood pressure, detects chemicals in the environment like drugs or alcohols if your heart rate is too high or low you might have a seizure.

What things affect the brain?

A: Stress, living conditions, and other factors.

What are 3 things your brain needs to function?

A: The brain needs oxygen, carbohydrates and water to function. It also requires a certain amount of vitamin B12 in order for the bodys red blood cells to work properly.

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