10 Simple And Effective Ways To Battle Marijuana-Induced Fatigue

The health benefits of marijuana are becoming more and more well known, but cannabis also has a side-effect that’s not so welcome: THC can make you feel tired. This article gives 10 easy ways to combat this effect without resorting to pharmaceuticals or caffeine.

10 Simple And Effective Ways To Battle Marijuana-Induced Fatigue

When you need to unwind, marijuana might be really beneficial. It has been shown to be useful in reducing tension and anxiety. It might be so relaxing at times that all you appear to be thinking about is where your bed is and how soon you can get there.

Many cannabis users experience tiredness as a side effect of the drug. Even if you locate the optimal strain and dose for you, you may still find yourself unable to escape the drowsy sensation. If you’re in this situation, consider one of these ten easy yet efficient techniques to get rid of unwanted marijuana weariness. 

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Inhale Aromatherapy Scents

Essential oils have been more popular in recent years. Diffusers with essential oils are becoming increasingly common in homes and businesses. Whether you use a diffuser or not, according to sleep.org, “choosing the correct smell for aromatherapy might help you overcome an afternoon slump and leave you feeling awake and rejuvenated.” Peppermint, rosemary, peppercorn, and citrus are among the smells that might help individuals become less sleepy and more attentive. 

Make Friends With Nature

According to Northwestern Medicine, “studies have shown that being among nature, even for short periods of time, helps individuals feel more invigorated.” If you’re feeling lethargic after smoking marijuana, go for a stroll in the woods. Take advantage of the natural habitat’s serenity, tranquillity, and oxygen.


When it comes to alertness, breathing exercises may be really beneficial. “Deep breathing boosts the body’s blood oxygen levels. According to Salem Health, this “slows your heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and increases circulation, eventually helping mental function and vitality.” 

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Keep yourself hydrated.

Dehydration affects various physiological systems, which is why it may cause a variety of symptoms, including sleep disturbances. According to the Sleep Foundation, “those who are dehydrated to a large degree typically feel exceedingly weary, sluggish, or exhausted.”


Exercise is one of the healthiest and most efficient methods for removing cannabis weariness from your body. “Aerobic exercise stimulates the release of endorphins in the body. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “these substances may cause a degree of activity in the brain that keeps certain individuals awake.”


Showering is a terrific method to shake yourself out of a funk. When you’re attempting to shock your system into being more attentive, cold showers are typically really beneficial. Showers of any temperature, not just cold ones, may help you re-energize and stop feeling tired.

Take into account the strain.

Some marijuana strains are known to cause greater drowsiness than others. Certain strains of marijuana are even used to treat sleeplessness in some individuals. 

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Do your research if you want to have a more active experience rather than a decent night’s sleep. If you’re getting your cannabis from a dispensary, be sure to ask for something that won’t put you to sleep.

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Caffeine should be used. 

Caffeine is one of the most often used sleep aids. Help cautious not to overdo it while using caffeine to make you feel less drowsy. 

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Caffeine is released into your system in various ways by different caffeinated items. You may want to choose caffeination that slowly releases caffeine rather than anything that hits you with it all at once.

Brighten up the situation

Examine your surroundings if cannabis is lulling you to sleep. For many individuals, dim or ambient light has a relaxing and drowsy effect. The use of bright lighting might help you feel more awake. Whether it’s turning on a light or walking outdoors, some bright eyes can be just what you need.

Consider a Smart Snack

If you’re experiencing marijuana-induced drowsiness, attempt to make a wise eating choice. You may be tempted to grab for empty-calorie snacks, but keep in mind that your dietary choices might influence how fatigued you feel. “Look for meals with a low sugar index,” Northwestern Medicine advises, “since they are absorbed more slowly and won’t cause an abrupt loss in energy.” 

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